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QuestionActorCharacter Name
Kevin Bacon was in 'Animal House' with this overweight slobJohn 'Bluto' Blutarsky
...who played the brother of this fellow SNL cast member in 'The Blues Brothers'Elwood Blues
...who captured this 'Keymaster' in 'Ghostbusters'Louis Tully
...who was chasing this actor's Winnebago spaceship in 'Spaceballs'Captain Lonestar
...who fell for this EMT in 'Zero Effect'Gloria Sullivan
...who was in 'Hollow Man' with Kevin Bacon and this male team memberMatthew Kensington
...who was turned into a zombie by this lieutenant in 'Planet Terror'Lt. Muldoon
...who was angry at this roughneck for sleeping with his daughter in 'Armageddon'A.J. Frost
...who talked this fallen angel into clipping his wings in 'Dogma'Loki
...who was this Irish mobster's inside man in the Massachusetts State Police in 'The Departed'Frank Costello
...who was in 'A Few Good Men' with Kevin Bacon and this female defense attorneyLt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway
...who took SEAL training from this Master Chief in 'G.I. Jane'Master Chief John James Urgayle
...who took a long walk through Middle Earth with this warrior of Gondor in 'Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring'Boromir
QuestionActorCharacter Name
...who was the former partner of this British agent in 'Goldeneye'James Bond
...who seduced this nuclear physicist in 'The World Is Not Enough'Dr. Christmas Jones
...who starred in 'Wild Things' with Kevin Bacon and this actressSuzie Toller
...who unleashed her inner magic with the help of this actress in 'The Craft'Nancy Downs
...who was the girlfriend of this just-released skinhead in American History XDerek Vinyard
...who questioned this cannibalistic doctor in 'Red Dragon'Hannibal Lecter
..who taught this actor about life in 'Meet Joe Black'Joe Black
...who was in 'Sleepers' with Kevin Bacon and this priestFather Bobby Carillo
...who played the younger version of this actor's father in 'The Godfather: Part II'Sonny Corleone
...who delivered the money to this Latin gunman in 'The Way of the Gun'Longbaugh
...who investigated drug traffic south of the border in 'Traffic' while this actor investigated north of the borderMontel Gordon
...who was an astronaut on his way to Mars, just like this actor in 'Mission to Mars'Jim McConnell
...who was replaced on the Apollo 13 crew by this actor in 'Apollo 13'Jack Swigert

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