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If a slave showed executive ability as well as technical knowledge, his master often provided capital to carry on his own _______
Slave of a slave
public slaves could dispose up to this much of their property in their willanswer with Roman alphabet letters, not Arabic numerals
Cicero's friend who carefully trained all his slaves so they could all read or write for him
People who appointed the place and made the rules and regulations for public auctions of slaves
Imported slaves had this put on their feet
Romans often rode on this, getting carried by strong Syrians or Cappadocians so they didn't have to walk
City slaves each had this many tasks
Highest class slaves who were confidential assistants of their master
At night, slaves carried thesefasces in latin
Slaves who amuse and entertain the master and his guests include
He paid $28, 000 for a highly educated grammarian
Master's power over a slave was called ____ in Latin.
Vedius Pollio, notorious for cruelty, ordered a slave to be thrown alive into a pond as food for the fish because he had broken this
Weapon that was a sign that the sale was under public authoritySet up in the ground
If slave had defects not shown in this guarantee, he had to be taken back in this many months or the buyer would not be able to get back his money
Most important class of slaves
This kind of pair of boys brought a larger price together than if sold separatelypicky answer, watch out!
A son was under the same legal power as a slave, but this, translated as sense of duty, generally improved public opinion for a son, whereas slaves were considered to be property,
This very word was a curse or threat on slaves
If runaway slave was found, this part of his body was branded with the letter F, for fugitivusSometimes slaves also had metal collars around their necks if captured after running away
Most common weapon for punishment of slavesMade of cords or thongs of leather, when punishment was more serious bits of bone and metal buttons were attached to the lash
A bit worse than farm work
Number of slaves a gentleman in moderate circumstances should haveAccording to Horace
The influence of this religion changed the condition of slaves for the better
By this Roman emperor's time, most freeborn citizens were soldiers or slave owners unless they belonged to the idle poor class in the cities
Slaves at his camp were sold for less than a dollar
Slaves received wooden shoes every ___ years
Permanent connections between male and female slaveChildren born into household were more valuable, because they were less able to contract disease and had been trained from childhood to do specific tasks; also they might feel natural affection to their home, since the children of the master and the slaves may often have been playmates
HintAnswerExtra Information
Patient and tireless laboring slaves were produced from this province
A lot worse than farm work was this
Province which produced 'many able house servants'
Those from the East had this done to them, a common sign of slavery among oriental peoples
Selling prisoners of war was an event conducted by the general's paymaster and financial officer, the ______
Name one of three foods the rugged farmer mentioned earlier said slaves could have
His orations against the Catiline in 63 B.C. show how much the conspirators' plan to call out the slaves was dread by the citizens.
Cicero's slave secretary to whom Cicero wrote letters when he was in Athens, disclosing real affection and tenderness of feeling for his slave
As many as ten or even twenty thousand slaves were owned by some individuals, according to this Greek grammarian
This rugged farmer proclaimed that slaves should always bet at work except for a few hours which allowed them to sleep---he found much for them to do, even on holidays
This man who was a member of the First Triumvirate erected six thousand crosses along the Via Appia each bearing a survivor of the final battle in which their leader, Spartacus, feplease answer with his normal nickname, not his full name
In early times, Romans were shepherds or ____
Freed Roman slave was called this by a fellow freed slave
This many slaves assisted a man with his bathone of two answers is required
Freed Roman slave was called this by master
Utterly incorrigible slaves were sold to become these
Crucifixion was the penalty for a slave and his wife and his children for trying to do this
Captives wore these on their headsthus the terms sub hasta venire or sub corona venire came to mean 'to be sold into slavery'
This was imposed on imported slaves
Public slaves were owned by ____
In this punishment, a heavy forked log was placed on a punished slave's shoulders with his neck in the fork, and his arms fastened to the ends projecting out, and the slave would h
Slaves born into household but still remain property of the first master
A slave's property
This slave prompted the master and told him the names of those greeting him
Example of a public slave job
This much was paid for a common laborer by Horace
Province that produced many slave scribes, accountants, secretaries, and teachers
If no guarantee was given by the dealer, he put this on a slave's head at the sale
60, 000 Carthaginians were disposed by this conqueror of Carthage in the 3rd Punic War

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