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HintAnswerExtra Info
Guardian spirit of a Girl
First Emperor to require birth registrationOrdered father to register name of child within thirty days
The name of a slave nurseAffectionate name by child is 'mater'
What happens as soon as a child is bornIf the child was not acknowledged in the arms, then the child would become an outcast
A Roman day was given a praenomen on the __th day of his lifeday is called called dies lustricus, or day of purification, also called name day
Child's first toys, which were tiny metal toys or ornaments in the form of flowers, sowrds, axes, and other tools, especially lucky charms shaped like a half moonthey in English mean rattles and are strung together and hung on the baby's neck to amuse him, also serving as identification is baby is lost or stolen
locket made of two concave gold piecesfor a long time only patricians were entitled to wear it
Girl wore item from question above until eve of her____ day
Child's name before given a praenomen
Age when boys and girls ended formal education from mothers
He gave his older nurse a farm
Common bird pet
Crimson-bordered toga
HintAnswerExtra Info
Age at which a young Roman could be called for military duty
Day of the festival of Liber, which appropriately suggested the wider freedom of manhood
One child's game mentioned by Horace
Reason why male children ceased to listen to the senate-house debatesWhen the boy came home....
The Roman hill that was the site of the temple of Liberfamily climbed up to it to make an offering to the god, on the day that a boy became a man
Colour of stripes of tunics for knights and senators
Toga of the grown mancarefully draped over tunic
Colour of knights' and senators' tunic
When Cicero was governor of ____ in A.D. 50, he gave his nephew ____ the white toga at ____, on the Liberalia. Later in March of the following year when he gave the toga to his sonThis is the toughest question BY FAR!!! Answer with commas in between
How a coming-of-age ceremony day endedEvent given by the father in honour of the new Roman citizen
youngest age at which a man's toga was assumed
Important virtue for Roman children to acquire

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