Can you name the Mythological questions pertaining to hercules?

only greek city which did not consider hercules to be its greatest hero
Hercules helped the gods conquer this race with his arrows
Armor-bearer of Hercules
Hercules was born here, in this Greek city
Mother of Hercules
Half-Brother of Hercules
Distinguished general who was the husband of Hercules' mother
Beasts sent by Hera to attack Hercules and his half-brother before they were a year old
Blind prophet of Thebes who prophesied greatness from Hercules
Hercules was taught four subjects in school: fencing, wrestling, driving, and this
When Hercules was eighteen he killed this animal (must be specific), which ever after he wore its skin as a cloak with the head of forming a kind of hood over his head
The animal lived in the woods of this
A burdensome tribute was exacted from the Thebans by these people, who were conquered by Hercules
Princess of Thebes who was killed by Hercules after they were wed
Number of people killed by Hercules in his mad fit of rage (sent by Hera)
Cousin of Hercules who sent Hercules to do the 12 labours
The cousin of Hercules mentioned previously was king of this city
Labour 1: defeat the lion of _____, which no weapon could wound
Labour 2: to go to Lerna and kill the _________, which had _______ (#) heads, and lived in a swamp-------Hercules used the help of his nephew, called _______
Labour 3: to bring back alive a stag with horns of gold, which lived in the forests of _______
Labour 4: Hercules had to capture this, which had its lair on Mount Erymanthus
Labour 5: clean the stables of this man, which was solved by diverted the courses of two rivers
Labour 6: he had to drive away these birds
Labour 7: he had to go here to attain a beautiful bull which Poseidon had given to its king, Minos
Labour 8: Hercules had to get the man-eating mares of this Thracian king
Labour 9: to get this from Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons
Labour 10: Geryon, a monster with three bodies, who lived on Erythia, had these animals which were to be attained by Hercules
Labour 11: to get the ______of the Hesperides
Labour 12: to retrieve from Hades this dog
Method of the killing of Antaeus
Achelous and Hercules both wanted to marry this woman
Achelous, a river-god, took the form of this but was easily subdued by Hercules
Trojan king who had cheated Apollo and Poseidon
Zeus had given these animals to the Trojan king's grandfather, and this king promised (although ultimately refused) to give them to Hercules
This friend of Hercules helped Hercules capture Troy, and kill the king
Name one of three people who were freed from death/despair/imprisonment while Hercules was doing his labours
Admetus was king of _____
Apollo in anger at Zeus because Zeus killed Apollo's son Aesculapius killed these workmen of Zeus
Omphale was queen of this place
Hercules worked as a slave for Omphale for some say 1, some say 3, years. He had to dress up as a ________, and submitted patiently.
He had been forced to be a slave for Omphale because Hercules had killed a good friend, son of King ________
Hercules later killed that king (the father of Hercules' good friend), but saved some captive maidens, among whom was the beautiful daughter of that king, called ___________
Hercules had a great pyre built on this mountain, where he would die
This youthful follower held the torch to set the wood of the pyre on fire, and was given Hercules' bow and arrows
The youthful man was to have great fame with those great weapons, especially in this city
Hercules married _____ in heaven

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