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Can you name the Questions about the Myth of Cupid and Psyche?

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HintAnswerExtra Information
Latin writer in second-century A.D. who writes about Cupid and PsycheCupid and Psyche is part of the comic book/poem by him, called The Golden Ass
#of Psyche's beautiful sistersanswer with letters, not numbers, because Sporcle sometimes doesn't accept Arabic numerals
Goddess Offended out of Jealousy because of Psyche's BeautyLatin Poet=Roman Names for Gods/Goddesses
Dreadful winged creature which would come get Psyche and make her his wifeStronger than the gods themselves
God who Loved Psyche
Sweetest and mildest wind which carried Psyche down from the rocky hillIn this case, use the Greek name
Psyche woke up after falling asleep on a grassy meadow fragrant meadow beside this
Golden objects inside mansion of Cupid
Silver parts of the mansion of Cupid
Inlaid with precious stones: part of Cupid's mansion
Accompanying instrument to a choir which played sweet music while Psyche dinedshares a number of letters in succession with flying fearsome creatures with hooked beaks and claws, the hounds of Zeus who defiled the food of Phineus (in Apollonius of Rhodes's story of the Golden Fleece)
Psyche told her sisters that her husband was on a _____ expedition when her sisters asked
Two riches with which Psyche filled the hands of her sisters as farewell
Two things Psyche had to hide near her bed, according to the plan
HintAnswerExtra Information
Body part of Psyche's husband on which the hot oil from Psyche' lamp fellThe oil fell because of Pysche's trembling hands
One of three small seeds that Psyche had to sort under Venus's direction
Creature(s) which helped Psyche sort the seeds
Food given to Psyche by Venus
The second task given to Psyche: to retrieve _______Near the riverbank
Plant(s) which advised Psyche how to retrieve the item
Psyche next had to fill a flask with some of the black water from the source of this hateful river
Creature(s) that helped Psyche fetch the water so Psyche didn't have to climb the slimy, slippery steps
Object Venus sought when she made Psyche go to Hades
Guardian to the Palace of Hades, but will let those who give him cake to pass
Instructs Psyche how to get to Hades
Object Cupid used to waken up Psyche
Food given to make Psyche immortal
Meaning of Psyche

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