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Fact about Mythological Character(s)Mythological Character(s)
One of the Tyndaridae, Also called Dioscouri
Often Depicted As Blindfolded, Sometimes Called Aphrodite' Son
Cupbearer and Goddess of Youth
Mother of the Graces and daughter of the Titan Ocean
Muse of Tragedy
Roman Numinum: Helper of Plowmen and Woodcutters
Goddess of Rainbow and Messenger
Old Man of the Sea and son of Pontus, Father of Thetis and Amphitrite
Wife of Old Man of the Sea
Division of Underworld That is Deeper than the Other One
His Temple has been Closed Three Times in the History of Rome
Roman Numinum: Cause of Fertility
Poseidon's Son who could change shape at will and tell the future
Three-headed Dragon-tailed dog
God of Death
Judge in Underworld
Spirit of Roman Ancestor, One in every Roman House
Fate Responsible for Weaving Destiny of Each Person
A mortal who became a divinity of the sea
Nymphs of Mountains
Fact about Mythological Character(s)Mythological Character(s)
Nymphs of Trees
Father of Silenus/Brother of Silenus and the God of Shepherds
Three Granddaughters of Gaia and Pontus, the Deep Sea
South Wind
Fate Who Cut the Thread of Life
Spirits of the Good Roman Dead
They Guard Gate of Clouds Leading to Olympus
Spirits of the Wicked Roman Dead
King of the Winds
Collective Name for Fates
West Wind
Stabbed by Polydeuces
East Wind
Muse of Comedy
North Wind
Wisest of the Centaurs
Name of Deified Romulus
Grandson of Saturn, a Rustic Shepherd's God
Harvest Helper, Wife of Saturn
Roman Goddess of Childbirth or Epithet of Juno and Diana

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