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Can you name the famous battle cries from history?

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A US Marines cry popularized since WWIIan expression of enthusiasm, very similar to that of the US Army
A stereotypical cry of a piratean expression of annoyance, dismay, or frustration
A call of the Confederates in the Civil Warthe exact sound and origin of this yell remain unknown; a Billy Idol song
A Greek army battle cry that refers to 'sweeping away the enemy'during WWII each letter stood for an allied power: Greece, USA, England, Russia (but in Greek).
The Japanese cry that Pearl Harbor had been a successthe Japanese codeword; became a movie in 1970
A Spanish Foreign Legion cry used since the 1920s'cinco de mayo' celebrates this
Used by Muslim warriors (specifically the Pakistani army)refers to the power of Allah
A US Army crymore generally refers to or means anything besides 'no'
A World of Warcraft cry made popular after a gamer ignored his party's planning and caused a slaughterthe cry is this person's World of Warcraft character name
The cry of Texan volunteers in the Battle of San Jacinto versus the Mexicansrefers to the Texan army's revenge for a slaughter days before at a now famous fortress
Cried when performing a high jumporiginally the name of a Native American of the Chiricahua Apache tribe
Originally a nasty Viking seafarers' yellusually followed by 'matey' in popular culture
A Soviet cry used in WWII and beyondconveys a nostalgic sense of nationalism
The cry of the Japanese suicide bomber pilots of Pearl Harbormore generally refers to a last, desperate military charge

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