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Lady Gaga's Real Name
First Demo EP
Inspiration for the name 'Gaga'
Person who accidently gave the name 'Gaga'
Song written for her father
Debut Album
Debut Single
When on the set of Video Phone, she was refered to as...
Current boyfriend (as of March 2011)
Date of Birth
Director of Born This Way
Name of Lady Gaga's first tour
For World Peace, Gaga would eat
Lady Gaga debuted the chorus of Born This Way at
Lady Gaga gave release dates for Born This Way on what site?
Lady Gaga calls her fans
Lady Gaga performed Paparazzi at the 2009 VMAs and ended the performance with what in her eye?
For what fashion designer did Lady Gaga debut as a model?
In the show where Lady Gaga modelled, what song did she preview?
What song from the Fame was cancelled as the follow up single after Paparazzi? (Bad Romance was released instead)
What does Gaga say her lightning bolt theme is inspired by?
On what show did Madonna and Lady Gaga pretend to fight?
In what song from 'The Fame' does Gaga state her eye color changes from 'kinda green to kinda blue'?
How many tracks are there in the EP edition of The Fame Monster?
Who did Lady Gaga write/record the song 'Wonderland' (sometimes spelt 'Wunderland') with?
Which friend, also with a name starting with 'Lady', introduced Gaga to Performance Art?
What US store did Gaga have a deal with to sell a deluxe copy of the Born This Way album? (It was later canceled)
With which artist did Gaga intend to have 'The Fame Kills' tour with
Complete the lyrics: I want your ugly, I want your disease
Complete the lyrics: I wanna hold 'em like they do in Texas plays
Complete the lyrics: Just Dance
Complete the lyrics: We are the crowd
Complete the lyrics: Midnight rush
What was the first song Lady Gaga (at the time using her real name) performed at 'Ultraviolet Live, New York University's annual talent show' in 2005?
What was the second song Lady Gaga (at the time using her real name) performed at 'Ultraviolet Live, New York University's annual talent show' in 2005?
In the NYU Talent Show of 2005, what place did she come in?
What song did Lady Gaga and Fernando Garibay write for Britney Spears, which appeared on Spears' 6th album 'Circus' as a bonus track?
What would Lady Gaga call the movie of her Life?
Lady Gaga's mother's name
Lady Gaga's father's name
Lady Gaga's sister's name
What song did Gaga debut at Xcel Energy Center in St.Paul, Minnesota? (August 30th 2010)
What was the name of Gaga's band when she was performing in The Bitter End (prior to having the name 'Lady Gaga')?
On which wrist is Lady Gaga's peace symbol tattoo located?
What was the first single from Born This Way?
Lady Gaga worked with which other female singer for the MAC Cosmetics AIDS funds?
What dress is typically worn when Gaga performs 'So Happy I Could Die' in the Monster Ball Tour?
What do Lady Gaga's fans refer to her as?

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