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In what substance does Jim encase Dwight Schrute's stapler?
What is Dwight Schrute's original title with Dunder-Mifflin?
In what room does Jim lock Dwight Schrute when he is attempting to choose a new health care plan?
Where does Jim convince Dwight Schrute to hide to spy on an alliance of co-workers?
What item does Dwight Schrute buy to attempt to impress Katy?
What awards show does Dwight Schrute co-host with Michael Scott?
What object does Dwight Schrute ask to bring to Michael's condo that loses him the invitation to live with Michael?
How many acres is Dwight Schrute's farm?
When Ryan Howard sets the office on fire, what item of Michael's does Dwight Schrute risk his life for?
To what song does Dwight Schrute listen when he feels he has been replaced as Michael's best friend by Ryan Howard?
What important part of Dwight Schrute's resume do Jim and Pam forget to include when posting on
What is the name of Dwight Schrute's sensei?
What part does Dwight Schrute play at the table reading of Threat Level: Midnight?
What show does Dwight Schrute always watch on Thursday nights?
Dwight Schrute is led to believe Jim's barbecue is a surprise party for whom?
What does Dwight Schrute choose in the game of Yankee Swap?
Dwight Schrute is asked to steer the Booze Cruise by whom?
What is Dwight Schrute's middle name?
Dwight Schrute takes an entire work day investigating what worker who called in sick?
What is the name of Dwight Schrute's father?
His father?
His father?
Which of Dwight Schrute's cousins is frequently featured on The Office?
What does Dwight Schrute farm?
What is Dwight Schrute's favorite television show?
Dwight Schrute's travel visa was protested by whom?
What grandfather is Dwight Schrute attempting to visit when said travel visa is denied?
To which country would Dwight Schrute go on vacation?
What would Dwight Schrute do in said country?
What odd wedding tradition does the Schrute family practice?
What is the first of the themed rooms at Schrute Farms (it is the most expensive during an election year)?
What is the second of the themed rooms at Schrute Farms (it was once inhabited by Jim and Pam)?
What is the third of the themed rooms at Schrute Farms?
What is the name of the harvest festival playground run by Dwight Schrute?
What cat of Angela's does Dwight Schrute murder?
When Dwight Schrute thinks that Jim is a vampire, what does he make a stake out of?
In Second Life, what object of Dwight Schrute's does sports writer Philly Jim put into Jell-O?
In the Mad Lib he fills out, how does Dwight Schrute refer to himself?
When Dwight Schrute is fired by Michael, what office supply giant does he work for instead?
Who does Dwight Schrute pay to pretend to win an art contest as a prank on Pam?
When Dwight Schrute finds out about the Print in All Colors Initiative, who does he field as an applicant?
When his first applicant turns against him, who does Dwight Schrute field as a replacement patsy?
Dwight Schrute hides a listening device inside of what gift object?
What is the name of Dwight Schrute's best friend?
On orders from Future Dwight, out of whose hand does Dwight Schrute slap coffee?
With Pam and Jim out of town on their honeymoon, what does Dwight Schrute build out of their desks?
What is Dwight Schrute's instant messenger screen name when talking to Angela?
Who does Dwight Schrute walk in on in the women's bathroom?
Where in the office does Dwight Schrute hide his blowgun?
What Tolkien character does Dwight Schrute liken Ryan's friend Troy to, despite Ryan's attempt at referring to him as a wizard?
What does Dwight Schrute name his team on beach day?
What part does Dwight Schrute play in the filmed version of Threat Level: Midnight?
What weapon does Dwight Schrute choose for the duel when Andy Bernard chooses his bare hands?
What weapon does Dwight Schrute end up using in the duel?
Dwight Schrute goes with Michael to 'prank' what section of the office?
Dwight Schrute makes a 'Lost' reference, saying that the warehouse workers are like whom?
Dwight Schrute receives his signature Dwight Schrute bobblehead from what office worker?
When being honored as salesman of the year, Dwight Schrute gives a speech originally delivered by whom?
During 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day,' Dwight Schrute reads the Tale of Little Suck-a-Thumb from what book?
That book was given to Dwight Schrute by whom?
What does Dwight Schrute have printed on the back of the jersey that he gives to Michael for his birthday?
When talking to the women from the urinalysis lab, what color does Dwight Schrute say his urine once was?
Where does Toby claim he sends all of Dwight Schrute's complaints about Jim?
After an attempted coup, Michael makes Dwight Schrute wear a sign that says what?
What song does Dwight Schrute play on his recorder, accompanied by Pam on vocals, at the funeral for the dead bird?
What does Dwight Schrute say customers can smell a mile away?
Who does Dwight Schrute suggest Michael fire during the merger to consolidate his power?
Who is Dwight Schrute worried that new employee Martin may have murdered?
What animal does Dwight Schrute explain how to slaughter when talking to a Benihana's waitress?
What other salesman is Dwight Schrute's partner when attempting to get new leads?
What historical figure is Dwight 99% sure is not real when he visits the office?
What movie was Dwight Schrute attempting to see when he saw 'Wedding Crashers?'
Why did Dwight Schrute stay for 'Wedding Crashers' when it became apparent he was probably in the wrong movie?
On the roof of whose house can Dwight Schrute be seen kicking a chimney?
Who does Dwight Schrute mace in protection of Jim and Karen?
Who does Dwight Schrute mace accidentally at the end of the same episode?
What Amish technique does Dwight Schrute use on Andy after his return from anger management?
What substance was Dwight Schrute shunned for not saving during his childhood?
What other coworker does Dwight Schrute dress up as?
What does Dwight Schrute accidentally call Phyllis after she is flashed in the parking lot?
What color does Dwight Schrute paint his office when he believes he is taking over for Michael?
What does Dwight Schrute have Andy use every time he makes a sale when trying to outsell the website?
What is the name of Dwight Schrute's avatar in Second Life?
What branch does Dwight Schrute go to attack with Michael and Jim?
What does Dwight Schrute use to keep tabs on Michael when he wants to emulate Survivor Man?
What old acquaintance of Dwight Schrute's does he take to Michael Scott's dinner party?
What name does Dwight Schrute write on his index card when helping Michael choose a new girlfriend?
What animal do Dwight Schrute, Mose and Meredith sneak into the back seat of Holly's car?
What perfect 'that's what she said' setup does Dwight Schrute say after telling all the employees to take one more bite of eclair?
What does Dwight Schrute say before subjecting Jan's stroller to another test?
By how much does Dwight Schrute raise Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration's bids during CRIME AID?
What college does Dwight Schrute attempt to get accepted to in order to stick it to Andy?
What imaginary client (played by Jim) does Dwight Schrute anger during his re-training with Michael?
What does Dwight Schrute ask if there are two of when criticizing one of Pam's paintings?
Who does Dwight Schrute claim to be when he makes a call to the Scranton Police to incriminate Toby?
What doll does Dwight Schrute purchase in order to make a profit during the Christmas season?
What company does Dwight Schrute pretend to offer to defect to while actually attempting to gather valuable information against them?
What does Dwight Schrute cut the face off of to test the realism of the film 'Silence of the Lambs?'
Why does Dwight Schrute choose brown and grey balloons for Kelly's birthday party?
Dwight Schrute believes his soulmate lived 700 years ago in what country?
Dwight Schrute tells a knock knock joke involving what foreign government organization?
Dwight Schrute complains that Mr. Peanut is not classy, he is what?
What sandwich does Dwight Schrute trick Michael into eating after he broke into the Michael Scott Paper Company?
What language does Dwight Schrute sing in to impress Erin?
What does Dwight Schrute put on the watermelon that he and Michael are using to simulate the birth of Jan's child?
When Dwight Schrute hands the other salesmen a strange memo he says that they should _____ his words?
What animal does Dwight Schrute treat Phyllis like when she throws out her back?
What rumor does Michael spread about Dwight Schrute?
With whom does Dwight Schrute team up with to investigate Darryl's claims for workman's comp?
Who is one of the office workers that Dwight Schrute impersonates on the phone to corporate in order to malign Jim?
Who does Dwight Schrute play in the murder mystery?
Dwight Schrute suspected Phyllis was the murderer because he __________ suspected her?
When Michael sends him Secret Santa gifts, what does Dwight Schrute believe himself to be building, piece by piece?
What Secret Santa gift does Michael actually have Dwight Schrute building, piece by piece?
What song do Dwight Schrute and Andy sing when they find out the Scranton branch will not be closing?
What fictitious robotic computer system does Dwight Schrute pretend to have created to impress the investment banker?
Who does Dwight Schrute team up with to get Jim demoted from the position of manager?
What room of Jim and Pam's house does Dwight Schrute remodel when he is sent there to retrieve Pam's iPod?
What friend of Pam's does Dwight Schrute begin a relationship with months after first sleeping with her at the wedding?
What does Dwight Schrute claim she makes love like?
Where do Dwight Schrute's leads from corporate end up when Kevin is left in charge of them?
What game does Dwight Schrute excell at during happy hour?
What does Gabe suspend Dwight Schrute for?
Who does Dwight Schrute attempt to seduce at the gym?
Who does Dwight Schrute enter into a baby making contract with?
What property does Dwight Schrute own, in addition to Schrute Farms?
As a result of a prank gone wrong, who does Dwight Schrute end up trapped in an elevator with?
What establishment does Dwight Schrute boycott as a result of their refusal to serve him?
What does Dwight Schrute bring into the office to see if Stanley will notice?
What is the name of Dwight Schrute's assistant for his job as a landlord?
Which office worker does Dwight Schrute wear a wig to impersonate to get the drop on Jim?
What is Dwight Schrute's new year's resolution for 2011?
What does Dwight Schrute nickname Holly in their search for Michael?
What does Dwight Schrute nickname Erin in their search for Michael?
Who is one of the three people Dwight Schrute does not list as having had sex in the office?
Dwight Schrute is forced to give up his desk and move to the annex for which employee?
What item does Dwight Schrute trade up to during the garage sale?
What award does Dwight Schrute win at Michael's last Dundies?
What activity does Dwight Schrute engage in with Michael during Michael's last day in the office?
What does Dwight Schrute do with the coffee bought for him by Deangelo?
What does Dwight Schrute do to disqualify himself in the race for the new regional manager?
What imaginary currency features the likeness of Dwight Schrute?
According to Stanley, the ratio of that same currency to Stanley Nickels is the same as the ratio of leprechauns to what?
What is the name of one of Dwight Schrute's uncles?
What does Dwight Schrute say that paper is in his analogy relating farms to business?
In that same analogy, what does Dwight Schrute say is the 'soil' of business?
Which of Dwight Schrute's cousins is 'the artsy one?'
Which of Dwight Schrute's cousins is 'the outlaw?'
Which of Dwight Schrute's cousins is 'the runt?'
Which of Dwight Schrute's cousins is 'the handsome one?'
According to Dwight Schrute, which of the cousins was he?
What website, according to Dwight Schrute, is the lifeblood of the agrotourism industry?
What hotel does Dwight Schrute claim was the cutest little asparagus farm you've ever seen?
Dwight Schrute agrees to coddle Cece to sleep if who will hand feed him pizza?
What is one of the halloween costumes Dwight Schrute has worn over the years?
Dwight Schrute claims he has been controlling animals since he was how old?
What does Dwight Schrute claim his ancestors would have done with the weakest child during an especially harsh winter?
With whom does Dwight Schrute get in a mock fight, distracting Jim from his job?
Who does Dwight Schrute fight to a standstill while demonstrating karate in the office?
What unconventional room of the office is Dwight Schrute's desk moved into by a coworker?
What is the name of Dwight Schrute's neighborhood watch organization?
What does Dwight Schrute tell a concerned neighbor that he is doing to Angela in order to assuage the man's concern?
In what room of Dwight Schrute's house do visitors need to keep an eye out for manure?
Who does Dwight Schrute defeat in a sumo wrestling match on Beach Day?
Before any office workers visit Schrute Farms, where does Dwight Schrute claim the only bathroom is?
What unfortunate corporate policy did Dwight Schrute bring up at his interview?
What 'one word' does Dwight Schrute announce when pushing some of Jim's things off of his desk?
On Diversity Day, Dwight Schrute claims homosexuality should not be included because it is not a race, it is what?
What can Dwight Schrute raise and lower at will?
Why on earth would Dwight Schrute raise it?
Dwight Schrute claims that Michael is like Mozart and he is like whom?
Dwight Schrute is willing to relocate to any job that values what characteristic the most?
In his performance review, what Superman villain does Dwight Schrute quote?
Dwight Schrute has never missed a day of work, even when he had what disease?
Dwight Schrute believes that Scranton's location down river from an old bread factory is responsible for a huge number of what?
Who is the only person that Dwight Schrute tips?
Dwight Schrute does not smile because showing one's teeth is a submission signal amongst whom?
Last year Dwight Schrute went to work with his spud gun in a duffel bag...can you imagine if he was __________?
In addition to women not getting over rejection, what does Dwight Schrute claim is a 'defect of their kind'?
Who did Dwight Schrute believe would have approve of his betrayal of Michael?
Dwight Schrute has the strength of a grown man and what?
Dwight Schrute's rule seventeen is to never turn your back on bears, men you have wronged, or the dominant turkey during what crucial time?
According to Dwight Schrute, how many rules must all Schrute boys learn before the age of five?
Also according to Dwight Schrute, if Schrute boys don't learn all their rules, they'll be what?
When taking over as acting manager of the Scranton branch, Dwight Schrute works at a replica of whose desk?
On which coworkers desk does Dwight Schrute have sex?
In Dwight Schrute's fantasy, he co-runs a bed and breakfast with whom?
In that same fantasy, what is Dwight Schrute's salary?
When considering moving in with Michael, what does Dwight Schrute say his parents left him a large number of?
Name one of the five fingers of intervention that Dwight Schrute claims the Schrutes believe in?
What knife does Dwight Schrute claim would be better than the Usuba that the Benihana chef is working with?
Why does Dwight Schrute prefer to stand instead of sitting?
Dwight Schrute claims that there is little evidence that Dunder-Mifflin is a front for what?
What word did Dwight Schrute misspell to lose his sixth grade spelling bee?
When customers are complaining about the inappropriate watermark, Dwight Schrute points out that at least the sex appears to be what?
Dwight Schrute has been raising children since he was what?
Name one of the three animals that Dwight Schrute gives as reference points regarding his speed?
To convince Dunder-Mifflin not to move, Dwight Schrute offers to stop watering down what?
Dwight Schrute once framed a raccoon for opening a christmas present and a bear for eating what?
What is one of the three reasons Jack Bauer would be unable to be Dwight Schrute's number two in the office?

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