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Brilliant. I'll go and get one of our other ancient goblin made swords and you can gift-wrap it.
The man who taught me to fight dementors- a coward.
No, Luna will go, won't you Luna?
Harry. Nasty, common name.
Drop your wands! Drop your wands or we'll see just how filthy her blood is!
I always knew I was special.
Is that a snake?
Don't look at it Cecilia darling
Rita Skeeter! Oh I love her, always read her!
It- it wasn't stealing!
My kind don't usually breed
Harry Potter. Our new...celebrity
You need to put that away, Miss Brown, when I'm talking
...Because I have always said that the English overcook their steaks
Tut, tut. None of you remembered that my favourite colour is violet..
I know what you're thinking. But Dung can't have betrayed us...
Ow you?
Zat is Grindelvald's mark.
That was most illuminating
I was her favourite
Yeah, ear, ear
Where you hoping to go, seeing as you're neither?
The Ineer Eye does not see upon command!
I saw loads of stuff
Pathetic. The whole wide world of ear related humour and you go for I'm holy?

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