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An otaku sextexting causes the past to change.
Girl from the future causes her world's overpopulation problem.
High school students create chibi versions of themselves to fight themselves and teachers.
High school boy coaches a team of lolis in basketball after captain was caught having a relationship with a loli.
Swords these people carry say a lot about them.
People who have superpowers and use it are OCD.
Angels determine the next God by sponsoring middle school students who gained a very unusual power from them.
A girl and her broken down robot spends some time in a cabin.
A boy is chased by everyone for his pyramid.
5th grader captures spirits in cards and forces them to do her bidding while wearing cute outfits.
High schooler tries to disprove magic by fighting a witch.
A girl with two extreme personalities has an extra set of ears and arms.
An angel has a circle of violence and resurrection towards a boy who will create the loli future.
Government middleman is forced to babysit the oddest family ever known.
The super internet is in the form of glasses.
14 year olds with severe mental problems fight giant monsters with mecha.
A college man has the ability to see germs.
A second grader is smarter than the Japanese police force combined.
10 year old girl teaches a class full of weirdos.
When a love triangle goes, goes, horribly wrong.
Emo girl creates website that offers to get rid of somebody for the cost of your soul.
Most DnD games are like this.
Crazy man with a mech goes out into battle to sing.
A gamer has to apply his dating game sim skills on real girls.
A dead guy has a mute, a loli, and a big breasted woman living with him.

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