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Genetic material is stored in what macromolecule?
Prokaryotic cells lack?
Sum of all chemical reactions within the cell?
Type of cell division that creates two (2) genetically identical cells?
Adenine pairs with?
Visible or observable characteristics?
What element makes up most of living matter?
Organelle containing digestive enzymes that metabolize cellular waste?
The plasma membrane consists of?
Photosynthesis produces water and?
The cell spends 90% of its life in?
There are equal amounts of guanine and?
Different versions of a gene?
Functional group that binds to the amino group in a peptide bond?
______ ribosomes produce proteins for export.
What is the first step in cellular respiration?
Cytokinesis in animal cells utilizes?
Transcription: DNA is the pattern for?
A normal human somatic cell has how many chromosomes?
What is the end product of glycolysis?

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