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Can you name the pop songs based on their lyrics rewritten ornately?

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1965On the previous day, the total sum of my grievances appeared to loom only at a great distance. Presently, it seems as though their bothersome proximity may be perennial.
1973Provide us a ballad, dedicated gentleman of the keyboard. Provide us a ballad this very evening. It would be pleasing to us and our current dispositions to discern an agreeable refrain.
1983Individuals frequently apprised me to be cautious of my actions, and dissuade me from damaging the feelings of youthful females.
1986Whoa! We have arrived at the midway point of our destination. Whoa-oh! We remain alive atop an invocation! Grasp my appendage, and by my guarantee we shall remain unscathed.
1998It has been half a fortnight since you gazed upon my visage, altered the angle of your cranium, and expressed your vexation.
1998I do not wish fasten shut my eyes; I do not wish to so much as doze. I yearn for you, darling, and I have no intention of letting a single occurrence slip my notice.
1999Your existence is my conflagration – my single aspiration. Regard the truth whilst I dictate to you my insistence that things must occur in a specific fashion.
2000Oh dear, I have once again conducted myself in this manner. I have interacted with your affections recreationally – become lead astray by the amusement.
2004Following the moment you vacated my life, I feel as though I am no longer asphyxiated. I have now mustered the ability to move beyond your influence. Indeed, indeed.
2008He cannot – he cannot – interpret the calculated expression I use to conceal the strength of my position. (She possesses me in a way unrivaled by any additional individual.)
2009Refrain from ceasing, produce a burst. Request that the disc jockey irreparably devastate my elecotroacoustic transducers while we tirelessly campaign to gaze upon the dawn.
2009You would be incredulous of your vision if countless incandescent insects illuminated the globe as I began to slumber.
2010What you cannot seem to comprehend is my willingness to seize a small explosive solely for your benefit. I would also obstruct with my palm a honed steel edge, and vault into the trajectory of a locomotive.
2011Was it entirely necessary to cease all interaction? Endeavor to appear as though our relationship had never occurred? I do not require your affection, though I find your treatment of me as an alien entity rather unpleasant.
2011/2012Greetings! I have only recently made your acquaintance, and this may be lunacy – however, I present to you a means of contacting me that you may use if you are so inclined.

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