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Can you name the Movies with family relationship terms in the title?

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1947Loretta Young
1947Loretta Young
1958 Rosalind Russell
1961Hayley Mills
1964Cary Grant
1964Elvis Presley
1965John Wayne
1970 Shirley MacLaine
1972Marlon Brando
1975Katharine Ross
1980 John Belushi
1981Faye Dunaway
1983Michael Keaton
1989Steve Marten
1989John Candy
1991Christina Applegate
1991Steve Martin
1992Joe Pesci
1992Whoopi Goldberg
1992Ashley Olsen
1993MacAulay Culkin
1993Daniel Day-Lewis
1993Pauly Shore
1996 Diane Keaton
1998Julia Roberts
1999Adam Sandler
2000Martin Lawrence
2000George Clooney
2003Eddie Murphy
2005 Matt Damon
2005Mark Wahlberg
2008Meryl Streep
2009 Jake Gyllenhaal
2009Abigail Breslin

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