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Can you name the Templars of Kayne by their Title?

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Forced Order
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the Fire's Strength
the Trueshot Archer
the Forgotten Ghast
the Talented Surgeon
the Mind's Eye
the Combat Technician
the Second Son
the Torskan Paragon
the Wily Bomber
the Stitch in Time
the Red Queen
the Spirit's Voice
the River's Swiftness
the Bellringer
the Raging Brute
the Unbound Slave
the Wispmother
the Mage Slayer
the Impossible Thief
the Living Fortress
the Eldritch Infestation
the Animate Armour
the Shining Avenger
the Far Huntress
the Ovimancer
the Adaptive Imperator
the Furious Oak
the Arcane Prodigy
the Precocious Artificer
the Unforgotten Ghost
the Plagueborn
the Corrupt Champion
the Bone Paragon
the Fireforged Mercenary
the Runecaster
the Pugilistic Drunkard
the Gatekeeper of Avalon
the Abberant Fang
the Grovemother
the Battlecaster
the Glacial Harbinger
the Self-Made Man
the Honorable Vagabond
the Mutator
the Blade Disciple
the Innovative Brawler
the Silver Bolt
the Card Sharp
the Marvellous Automaton
the Pathfinder
the Moon's Mystery
the First Experiment
the Shiftsteel Soldier
the Half-Dragon
the Techmaturgist
the Blood Maiden
the Savage Sword
the Dutiful Guardian
the Crystal Soul
the Loose Cannon
the Fortune Teller
the Tireless Spearman
the Oncoming Storm
the Drill Sergeant
the Warshouter
the Protean Shifter
the Maid of Storms
the Last Barrier
the Wardancer
the Interrogator
the Adroit Duelist
the Cacophonous Banshee
the Horse Archer
the Typhoon's Force
the Hook Flinger
the Pack's Claw
the Grim Envoy
the Voidtouched Mind
the High Prophet
the Psyclops
the Genius Famine
the Molten Colossus
the Dark Star
the Clearcutter
the Masterful Strategist
the Web Weaver
the Crimson Reaper
the Empathic Beastmistress
the Kinetic Evoker
the Spellstealer
the Bloodied Butcher
the Shadowed Blade
the Necromantic Adept
the Nightstalker's Bane
the Stone Soldier
the Razor's Edge
the Thaos Vanguard
the Symbiote
the Hand of Midas
the Battle Brothers
the Airship Captain
the Stalwart Shield
the Studious Mage
the Stream Bender
the Psychokinetic
the Twin Foxes
the Thaos Commander
the Wordweaver
the Drowned Fisherwoman
the Indomitable Minotaur
the Steel Angel
the Just Executioner
the Frenzied Berserker
the Standard Bearer
the Severed Sunshine
the Dervish Blade
the Flashstepper
the Dark Practitioner
the Gun Wanderer
the Archivist of Lies
the Sylvan Exile
the Sleeping Behemoth
the Thaos General
the Dust Devil
the Heartstopper

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