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What did Penny get Leonard for Christmas in season 2
What were the names of the two women Leonard dated in season 2
What three actors from Roseanne appeared in the Big Bang Theory
Name one of the drinks Raj ordered at the bar in the Hofstadter Isotope
Where was Penny hiding the lime when she and Leonard were drinking after spending time with Leonard's mother
What were Sheldon's Christmas gifts to Penny in season 2
What was the name of the robot that the guys built
What two kinds of bread does Sheldon make Penny when he wants dating tips from her
What was the gang doing when Howard hooked up with Leslie for the first time
Finish the quote: with bladder voiding, as in real estate, its ______(3 words)
What does Howard point out about the beer that Raj is drinking while talking to Summer Glau on the train
What was the name of the 'girl' Raj met at comicon
What did howard call Raj's comicon hookup
Who was the physicist penny dated in the Christmas episode

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