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What is the tallest Building in Philadelphia?
Who is the man on top of City Hall?
The City's NFL team?
Name of the basketball/hockey arena?
What food is most famous in Philadelphia?
Colors of Philadelphia Flag?
River that seperates New Jersey from Pennsylvania?
What bridge brings you to center city?
What side of Philly are the sport complex's located?
Who is a famous rapper/actor from Philly?
Who designed the city's layout?
Famous boxing movie that took place in Philly?
What is Philadelphia's rank among U.S city population (2010)?
What tasty dessert company started in Philly?
What stadium did the Eagles win their 3rd NFL championship in?
What was the name of the Stadium that played host to the Eagles and Phillies?
What is the most popular nickname for the city of Philadelphia?
The name of building that the Declaration of Independance was signed?
What symbol is tied in with Philadelphia's history and American Revolution?
What's the park in Center City (JFK Plaza) named after a sculptor within the park?

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