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Can you name the Girls' Generation (SNSD) members who say the following lines (kpop)?

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'My angel...and my girls. My sunshine'Gee
'Aha! Listen boy, my first love story'Gee
'I like you just the way you are. You set me free' (two members)Way to Go!
'Set me free my boooooooooy!'Way to Go!
'Superstar, shining star, superstar'Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
'DJ, put it back on!'Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
'I like the way you smile. I like the way you talk.'Oh!
'Tell me boy boy love it it it it it it it ah!'Oh!
'I'm so sure'Mr. Taxi
'One, two, three, here we go, ow!'Mr. Taxi
'I'm so fast'Mr. Taxi
'Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York...'Mr. Taxi
'Supersonic and hypertonic'Mr. Taxi
'So tell me what you wanna do'Bad Girl
'We gotta escape, we got to escape, yeaaaah'The Great Escape
'We gotta forsake, we got to forsake yeaaaah'The Great Escape
'G-G'The Boys
'T-R-X'The Boys
'My boooooooooooooy!'The Boys
'Get up'The Boys
'Check this out'The Boys
'I wanna dance right now...'The Boys
'Boy, I see you walking by everyday'Say Yes
'So just stop, in the name of love and say yes!'Say Yes
'Seoul, tto, Tokyo, London, New York...'Mr. Taxi (Korean version)
'Hit the beat and take it to the fast lane' (two members)Dancing Queen
'Ah, ah, ah!'Flower Power
'Do you want to be my lover?'Flower Power
'I'm not gonna!'Flower Power
'I'm telling you adabana!'Flower Power
'Don't stop, DJ...'Flower Power
'Hello? Damn. Pick up the phone, yeah? Helloooo?'Beep Beep
'Don’t stop! Let’s bring it back to 140'I Got A Boy
'Ayo G-G!'I Got A Boy
'Ayo! Stop! Let me put it down another way'I Got A Boy
'Here comes trouble!'I Got A Boy
'Oh boy, do you believe this situation?'Galaxy Supernova
'We're dancing and looking at you, yeeeaaah'Galaxy Supernova
'Walking, stop! Posing, turning and wink!'Do The Catwalk
'Oh father, father'My Oh My
'Ain't gonna fool me twice' (two possible answers)My Oh My
'Dancing in the rain...'My Oh My
'It doesn't mean a thing...'My Oh My
'Stay up all night...'My Oh My
'Let's go!'Mr.Mr.
'You bad, bad, bad boy, you so bad.'Mr.Mr.
'I've got a feeling' (3 possible answers)Catch Me If You Can
'Hey girls, do you know what time it is? It must be party time. Here we go'Party
'Hey turn it up' (2 possible answers)Party
'It's a party!' (3 possible answers)Party

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