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Can you name the Rock's 'It doesn't matter' responses (WWE)?

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The Rock says'It doesn't matter...'Interruptee
'What is your name?'Many
'What was that old lady's name again?'Michael Cole
'1...2...' Himself
(The Rock is guest-refereeing a match)
'Do you really want to take The Rock away from all of this?'Mr. McMahon
'Do you actually think you're gonna become the number one contender for the WWF title?'Chris Jericho
'How you doin'?'Cameraman
'Jabroni: J-A-B-R-O-N-I-X-Y-Z-N-B-C...oh,'Himself
'If The Rock doesn't pin you or the Big Slow, that's The Rock's last chance?'Triple H
'[Who is it] you had in mind for The Rock's opponents?'Triple H
The Rock says'It doesn't matter...'Interruptee
'When The Rock gets a hold of you, he's not going to put you in an armbar, a candy bar, a monkey bar, a topless bar, oh...Himself
'[How was] your first experience with poontang pie?'Michael Cole
'Is that your new catchphrase?'Edge and Christian
(talking about 'Reek of awesomness')
'Did you think that Steve Austin was just gonna walk down that ramp? Is that what you thought?'Mr. McMahon
'Tell The Rock exactly who in the blue hell are you two French popcorn farts anyway?'Sylvain Grenier and René Duprée
'What does your sign say anyway?'A fan
'How is it that you came up with the name Coach?'Coach
'You're the one that doesn't matter.'CM Punk

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