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Can you name the Non-Playable Races in World of Warcraft?

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Ancient race of bird-like humanoids native to Draenor
Half-Elven half-horse creatures that are the children of Zaetar
Two-headed race that resembles a cross between a giant and an ogre
Mysterious monsters with no faces and grotesque bodies
Humanoid bears
Humanoid hyenas
Squat fur-covered race that were created by the mogu to serve as slaves
Creatures that are a cross between a female night elf and a hunting bird
Mischievous monkey-like race native to Pandaria
Fish-like humanoids who evolved from murlocs upon living near the enchanted pools near the Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Race of creatures that live in the tunnels of Azeroth. They often yell at enemies, 'You no take candle!' since they constantly use candles to light their tunnels
Half-giant half-mammoth creatures
Humanoid insects native to Pandaria
Powerful, magical race found in Pandaria, resembling humanoid Chinese guardian lions
This have snake-like tails in place of legs, and have other serpentine features such as scales and fins
Intelligent arachnoids
Small primitive humans that are found on the Lost Isles and Uldum
Humanoid boars that live on the continent of Kalimdor
Lizard men
Sphinx-like cat people that live in Uldum
Humanoid walruses that live in Northrend
Large, rabbit-like creatures that live on Pandaria
Giant humans with a Norse-like culture, often having long beards and wearing furs
Humanoid wolverines that live in Northrend and reside in the southern parts of the continent
Sister race of the tauren race where they reside on Pandaria. Their appearance is reminiscent of water buffalos

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