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Can you name the SSB4 Characters?

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Forced Order
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Plumber who gets the girl
Disguises self as a pirate
Popular Pokemon in Kalos
Wields Ragnell
Captain of Starship Mario
Hasn't had a main game in franchise since Gameboy Advance
Ghost Buster
Pokedex #25
Scariest serial killer
Believed Peach to be his mom
Mario's first antagonist
Drawing is it's favorite hobby
Defeated the legendary Articuno
Game based on mini games
2-D Character
You are what you eat
Why can't he use his sword?
Only character you can canonically marry
Represents Courage
Character was presumed to be male till end of game
Uses the Arwing often
Caretaker of Mario and Luigi when they were younger
Evolve and Adapt
Has an evil alter ego in this game
Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde's nemesis
Morgan is their child
Has a best friend that is a fox
The most disrespectful animal on the NES
Last of the Remaining Original 12

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