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Can you name the South Australian Senators?

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TermSenatorPolitical Party
1901-1913Free Trade Party/Independent
1901-1906Protectionist Party
1901-1906Free Trade Party
1901-1903Protectionist Party
1901-1903Free Trade Party
1901-1914Labor Party
1904-1921Labor Party/Nationalist Party
1904-1917Labor Party/Nationalist Party
1907-1912Labor Party
1907; 1908-1913Free Trade Party/Liberal Party
1907-1908; 1913-1920; 1923-1925Labor Party
1912-1913; 1914-1920Liberal Party/Nationalist Party
1913-1932Labor Party/Nationalist Party/United Australia Party
1913-1923Labor Party/Nationalist Party
1917-1923Nationalist Party/Liberal Party
1920-1926Nationalist Party
1920-1926Nationalist Party
1921-1923Nationalist Party/Liberal Party
1923-1935Labor Party
1923-1927Labor Party
1925-1928Nationalist Party
1926-1931Country Party
1926-1944Nationalist Party/United Australia Party
1927-1929Nationalist Party
1928-1929Nationalist Party
1929-1935Labor Party/Independent
1929-1935Labor Party
1931-1932Labor Party
1932-1937Country Party
1932-1938United Australia Party
1935-1947United Australia Party/Liberal Party
1935-1947; 1950-1955United Australia Party/Liberal Party
1935-1944United Australia Party
1935-1944United Australia Party
TermSenatorPolitical Party
1938-1944United Australia Party
1944-1962Labor Party
1944-1968Labor Party
1944-1953Labor Party
1944-1947; 1950-1968Liberal Party
1947-1951Labor Party
1947-1959Labor Party
1947-1951Labor Party
1950-1967Liberal Party/Independent
1950-1959Labor Party
1951-1961Liberal Party
1951-1969Liberal Party
1953-1971Labor Party
1955-1965; 1968-1974Liberal Party
1959-1971Labor Party
1959-1975Labor Party
1961-1962; 1965-1981Liberal Party
1962-1981Labor Party
1962-1981Labor Party
1967-1981Liberal Party
1968-1983Liberal Party
1969Liberal Party
1969-1978Labor Party
1971-1983Labor Party
1971-1987Liberal Party/Independent
1974-1977Liberal Movement/Liberal Party
1975-1990Liberal Party
1977-1978; 1981-1990Australian Democrats
1978-1996Liberal Party
1978-1987Labor Party
1981-1997Labor Party
1981-2005Labor Party
1981-2006Liberal Party
1983-1993Labor Party
TermSenatorPolitical Party
1983-2002Labor Party
1985-1987Australian Democrats/Unite Australia Party
1985-2007Liberal Party
1987-2002Labor Party
1987-1995Australian Democrats
1987-2008Liberal Party
1990-2005Australian Democrats/Independent/Australian Progressive Alliance
1990-1992Liberal Party
1992-2011Liberal Party
1993-2011Liberal Party
1995-2008Australian Democrats
1996-2007Liberal Party
1997-2000Labor Party
2000-2005Labor Party
2002-Labor Party
2002-2008Labor Party
2005-Labor Party
2005-2011Labor Party
2005-2011Labor Party
2006-Liberal Party
2007-Liberal Party
2007-2012Liberal Party
2008-Australian Greens
2008-2014Labor Party
2011-Liberal Party
2011-Liberal Party
2011-Labor Party
2011-2015Australian Greens
2012-Liberal Party
2014-Family First Party
2015-Australian Greens

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