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Can you name the LoL Champs from their literal descriptions?

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Very subjective descriptionsChampsMore very subjective descriptions
Mega-annoying forever-dashing sexy bitchWhen in trouble press R
Even more mega-annoying forever-dashing not as sexy bitchWhen in trouble press W
Nose ringDat nose ring
Best thing ever in the history of everness (it's a bird)It's also blue
The one who never agesIt will be FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
DogStupid ass **** **** champ played by people who hate themselves
Gets ganked and double kills soon after
Slutty law enforcement lady who enjoys blowing people's heads offCupcakes
Mermaid except not
Mermaid except yesHer Q has a .004% landing rate
Super big scary monster who feasts teemo's soulHe is pretty **** huge
Southern pilot/Mike
DUNNNKKK/Even Adam can do not atrocious with himDraaaaven, nah just kidding.
She kind of jumps to you, pulls you in, then proceeds to systematically destroy your soulEven after all the nerfs
'Mundo!' - Adumb Cummingham'OHHH, IT'S UNDER D' - Mike Corki
DraaaaaavenYou can type in Draven/Draaven/Draaaven/Draaaaven and get it correct
Press R to automatically block all skill shots, also, arachnophobia
Bitch who runs on high heels all day and complains about it, like seriously?Put on some real shoes and stfu
Gay ass gayHe has a vagina
Every single ability is pretty much bullshitPopular alternative build is crits
I LONNGGGGG FOR A WOR - shut the **** upWorst of worstness of the worst
That **** stupid ass stickAvoids all of everything with a stick
LOL You are AP, sucks bro.R wins games
Oranges and chesthair
Let me just ult that for youDEMACIA
Very subjective descriptionsChampsMore very subjective descriptions
Beer belly
Tanky like a tank, bursts like a mage, while being an AD carry with a dash. Basically bullshit
My little pony, friendship is I will charge to you and **** you up
He'd win the game and pwn some noobs, cuz that's what he does
Dash, true damage, hard CC, CC reduction, heal on autos, she's got it allKeep on nerfing she'll still be good
Basically a stripperShe will blow you away
A real manI'm helping
A bunch of glowing eyes with no faceAlso he jumps in and systematically destroys your entire team
JayceBecause he's so boring and stupid
He kind of goes in, die, and winsR
Ultimate mega-annoying literally-forever-dashing not at all sexy dickMike got 13 cs with him at 50 min, good job Mike
Woosh Woosh Woosh Woosh PentakillThem resets
Most versatile champion in league, possibly?
The filthy **** **** of League of LegendsAll Hail Dunkey
Evolve and overcome, he is super cool
Needs smite. She also kind of just kills you in .01 second if fedThe needs smite part is an inside joke
He can make some SERIOUS plays if you are good with himThem incredible plays
Definition of stun-lockOr should I say sun-lock
Across the screen ray of doom that destroys all your hopes and dreamsShe's a also an annoying bitch
His head is attached to his chestLook at all the dmg you are not doing to him
Staring contestYou lose, every time
Your skeels are inferior

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