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Retail pharmacy is also called ___________ pharmacy
A tech may counsel patients on medication related issues
A pharmacy ________ is a non licensed individual authorized only to assist with non pharmacy related tasks
OBRA requires pharmacists to provide ___________ of patients on medication related issues
Most chain pharmacies need __________ work shifts
The pharmacy ___________ is appointed to supervise all aspects of the daily pharmacy operations
A ________ has completed a doctoral degree in pharmacy
When the pharmacy receives a faxed prescription, the tech should remove the fax and ______ the order
The tech enters and bills new prescriptions at the _________ workstation
A patients preference for non child resistant lids is noted in their patient __________
An _________ completed a bachelor degree in pharmacy
Patients turn in their prescriptions at the prescription ___________ area of the pharmacy
The section of the prescription that prescribers authroize generic or brand is called the _________ selection permitted
A 'patient not covered' error could mean that you have input the incorrect days supply
The electronic record in the pharmacy computer system with a patients personal info, prescriptions, and medical conditions is called the patient ____________
The patient ___________ area is where the pharmacist provides the patient with detailed drug information
This person is responsible for collecting the patients most current info for the database
A tech should call the _______ _______ if an insurance claim for medication is denied
A tech can complete the order on a telephoned prescription when the patient is requesting a __________
BlueCross/BlueShield is an example of a ________
_________ is the health insurance program for low income or disabled people
_________, registrations, and certifications must be posted in the pharmacy according to the state board of pharmacy
Class 1 and 2 _________ substances must be kept in locked storage at all times
A tech submits claims to the insurance ___________
Can a CPhT provide patients with drug information
The CDC regulates pharmacies true or false
The ________ can suspend or revoke the license of a tech, pharmacist, or pharmacy
_________ are the main focus of retail pharmacy practice
a prescription has _____ basic elements
The ______ regulates the control of narcotics
Is an RN an authorized prescriber who can write prescriptions
A prescription number is a basic element of a written prescription
Another name for directions is called the _____
The prescribers _________ must be present for a prescription to be valid
The part of an insurance card that indicates the patient is the dependent is called the patient ________
The date ________ is the day the prescription was written
In most states a CPhT is NOT allowed to receive a phone in prescription from the doctors office
A tech should have a patient fill out a paper patient profile ______ in order to generate a new patient profile
Online ________ is the process of electronically transmitting a prescription to the insurance
The ________ ________ is responsible for handling refill requests
A tech will search for the patients _____ _____ when entering a new prescription
Can a pharmacy clerk contact the prescriber for a refill authorization
A pharmacist may dispense a ____ hour supply of medication if the patient is completely out and has no refills
_______ requires pharmacies to comply with requirements related to protecting patient confidentiality
Prescriptions written in blue ink could indicated a forged prescription
____ is a patients confidential information
The _______ necessary standard is the standard of practice for how much of a patients information you can disclose
The most frequently forges prescriptions are schedule 3 and ____
You should alert the pharmacist if the pharmacy has received a large number of c2 prescriptions for a single physician
The pharmacy ____ _____ counter is the first point of contact between a patient and tech
Medicare A provides ______ insurance
There must be a paper trail for the _____ and SBOP when transferring c3 prescriptions from one pharmacy to another
A _______ pharmacy is most likely to be open 24 hours a day
The prescriptions days supply indicates the number of days a prescription should last
A set amount a patient pays before insurance coverage applies is called the _________
Kaiser is an _________ provider
A tech may tell a patient how many refills are left on a prescription if they ask
The tech may provide medical information to a patient by providing the info to the ________ to give to the patient
________ is the process of providing patients and customers with pharmaceutical and general health related advice
Over the counter products do not require a prescription for purchase
The computer generated serial number is also known as the ____ number
The _____ _____ of a pharmacy is wherer OTC items are available
How many liters are in 1000mL
How many mcg are in 1mg
How many mL are in 8 oz
How many ounces are in 120 mL
How many mg are in 3 g
How many g are in 2 oz

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