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Forced Order
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Why must everyone make such a fuss over the death of a single soldier?Episode 25, Doorway of Darkness
That's it...It really is impossible to bring the dead back to life.Episode 20, Father Before the Grave
Right after he came stumbling to my door half-dead and covered in blood, I went over to their house to see for myself what had happened.Episode 2, The First Day
Alchemists as a whole, we really are horrible creatures...Episode 10, Separate Destinations
Your work requires legs...and I can't feel mine.Episode 21, Advance of the Fool
You have no idea how good that felt. I ravaged their entire country with a single bullet.Episode 25, Doorway of Darkness
I don't want any of your boring old skin and bones!Episode 19, Death of the Undying
I'm sick of watching people die! And I can't just sit back and take it anymore. I won't let anyone else get killed, not when I can protect them!Episode 19, Death of the Undying
Tell me, Edward, what possessed you to burn down my home?Episode 20, Father Before the Grave
I hate what you soldiers do. Soldiers like you are the reason my mom and dad left during the war, and soldiers are the reason they're dead.Episode 2, The First Day
I hate losing, but there are worse ways to die than at the hands of a man like you.Episode 19, Death of the Undying
Until one of us dies, boy, this chain of hatred will continue.Episode 22, Backs in the Distance
A king is no king without his people, but a people without their king would be lost as well.Episode 23, Girl on the Battlefield
My motives aren't so sophisticated as revenge or honor or any of that. The reason I killed all of those because I could.Episode 1, Fullmetal Alchemist

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