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Character DescriptionCharacterMy Opinion
Disfigured Musical Genius (Ramin Karimloo)Ramin Karimloo Did Better Than Ben Lewis
High Soprano Who Marries Wierdo At End Of First Movie (Sierra Boggess)Sierra Looked Better standing next to Ramin!
Wierdo High Soprano Marries (Hadley Frasier)Ramin Karimloo played a better Raoul
Mom of Ooh La La Girl and sounds like she had taken up smoking since the first movieDoes She have a first name or is it Madame?
Ooh La La GIrl who has a crush on the PhantomI bet Ramin could have done her part to hehe
Higher Soprano than his mom and lies about seeing 'the Beauty Underneath'Ramin could get on his knees and play him to!
Half bird woman who passed Megs dressing Room That was empty as a tombHalf Bird, not bad
Music writer of 'The Phantom Of The Opera,and Love Never DiesThis man is a GENUIS!!!

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