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Which band is known as 'Beast-dols'?They debuted after SHINee.
One member of VIXX almost accidentally ended up on 'We Got Married'. Who was it?The ring just happened to fit him.
Which four members of EXO were dubbed 'The people who cause natural disasters' on Weekly Idol? (in alphabetical order)Their 'Super Powers' were deemed the most destructive.
Which member of Btob did a monkey walk on the red carpet?Once one of the other members pretended his hair was a bird's nest.
Which member of Beast swore off aegyo on Weekly Idol?Five seconds later, he did more aegyo.
Which FT Island member owns the most shoes?He hasn't even worn half of them.
MBLAQ's Mir once fell during a live performance of Smoky Girl. Which other member immediately rushed to help him?The performance was outdoors and the stage was wet from rain.
Which member of SNSD had a scandal because of a song?The song was written and performed by a labelmate.
What is the largest number of turtles that Super Junior's Yesung has possessed?The first one's name was Ddangkoma.
Which VIXX member doesn't like gopchang (intestines)?Once, the whole band went out for gopchang and he ordered ramen instead.
In SHINee's first dorm, which member slept in the center bed?He now has his own room.
No Minwoo (formerly of TRAX) now runs what entertainment company?He was first with SM Ent., and then with Core Contents Media before starting his own company.
Which girl group did Super Junior's Leeteuk force into joining him on Hello Baby?He had fun explaining their living situation to the realtor.
Which member of f(x) is said to look like a llama?She and SHINee's Minho wrote a song about it.
What is the only DBSK song to get censored in Korea?It won two major awards in 2008.
How many members of Boyfriend dyed their hair for debut?'Hyung is bleeding!'
Which band is known for their 'knife-like' choreography?Yet they still can't do it correctly on Weekly Idol.
What is the only hiphop group in JYP?They filmed an MV in a children's play area.
Which Ukiss member had cornrows when they debuted?He's blood type B.
What did the child in Park Hyoshin's 'Happy Together' MV give to Hyoshin?Hyoshin was busking on a street corner.

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