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Forced Order
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My great grandmother....
I love my Codykins!
My boyfriend Keith...
G'day mate! Put a shrimp on the barbie.
Honey Boo Boo Poser
GOSH! Proffesional Beatboxer
Beware of zombies!
I killed a bear once.
Sisters! Come together now.
I built Gwen's Face.
I just my braces removed.
I love you my princess Courtney.
Im just borrowing this egg. I'll give it back.
Lip gloss is delicous!
I have a gold tooth and I hate Gwen.
Im a boyfriend kisser.
I hate chickens!
I threw up in China.
I got stuck to a pole.
Party at my place dude!
Where's my MP3 player?
I got lost in the woods.
Courtney isn't my biggest fan...
Beware of eels...
WAIT! I have to warn my teamates!
I have multiple personaility disorder.
I hate Mal.
Wanna be Snow White.
I secretley love Heather.
It's E-scope!
Im a girl!
Fashion School here I come!
Wanna be Snooki.
Im dating Dakota!
Im hated around the world by sharks.
*says nothing*
*sound effect*
She's just trying to get sympathy!
Hand sanitizer!
I wanna replace Chris McClain!
I am not your SIDEKICK!
I love, no. True love is cabbage.
I no longer need my bubble!
Seasonal ,eh?
I still have like Gwen.
Im quite specific!
My best friend is Owen.

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