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How to PlayForced Order
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Lead singer
Guitarist (keyboard on some)
Drummer (original)
Drummer (recording of Chronicles)
Drummer (current)
The band started in which state?
And was established in this year
Their first album is titled
Joel and Benji's birthday
Billy's birthday
Paul's birthday
Dean's birthday
Billy's (now defunct) clothing company
Benji and Joel's original clothing company
which was renamed
Joel married starlet
Their first child is named
Their second is
Billy married high school sweetheart
Their son's name is
Paul's new baby girl is
Music Video trivia: (enter mvt)
1) Features the boys dressed as food
Including Billy as a ________
And Paul as a ______
2) Features the artwork of Billy Martin
3) The boys hijack the high school intercom
Also features this singer/actress
4) Begins with the boys riding bikes and ends in an empty pool
5) Features Benji with a girl and the guys in all white. PARTY!
6) The boys get arrested
And features this NSYNC member as witness Chadwick Merryweather Hardy III
7) The guys wake up and do everyday morning activities
8) Features the guys in front of screen projecting images
9) Old men and women partying
10) Smashing a room full of trophies
11) Features cameos from members of Mest, New Found Glory and Linkin Park
12) Is intercut with testimonials of friends and family of kids who committed suicide
13) Heart monitor, hallway, dance party

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