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Can you name the Thorpe Park rides and roller coasters?

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Latest roller coaster at Thorpe Park, built in 2012 with an addition in 2013 of ridng it backwards
Was the UK's tallest Log Flume
Magic carpet type ride
Two huge swings which go very high
Pods of 4 which go back and forth and also spin
0-80mph in 2.3 seconds
Based on a horror movie franchise
Like the big wheel at a fairground
Pods of 5, situated next to SAW
Rollercoaster which consists of 10 loops and 4 corkscrews
Rubber dinghys which slide down a colourful slide
You use an individual dinghy to race your friends
A white knuckle ride with the theme based on a volcano
Water ride which will drench you no matter what
Water ride in which you flow down rapids
A ride which is in the dark and contains strobe lights and dubstep music
A maze based on a popular ITV show
Ride involving two big swatters and is located next to Colossus
Ride sponsored by Tetley Tea
Dodegms part of the angry bird takeover
Ride which keeps people dangling in the air then a sudden drop

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