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What season did Derek and Meredith get married?
What is the first name of Callie, Arizona, and Mark's daughter?
Who does Dr. Bailey name her son after?
Who was the FIRST Cardio surgeon on the show?
In what season/episode did Meredith tell Derek '...Pick me. Choose me. Love me.'?(season:episode)
Who stabbed Derek in the hand with a scalpel in the OR?
What is Addison's maiden name?
Meredith discovers this person has Alzhiemers.
What is the name of the vet that Meredith dates?
Who tells Callies father 'I am a good man in a storm.'
Before operating, who says ' It's a beautiful day to save lives'
Who plays Christina Yang?
Who plays Derek Shepard?
Who does Alex Karev save during a triage disaster? ( real name)
Who marries Owen?
Who was Callie married to first?
What is the name of the bar across the street?
Who runs it?
What is the name of the episode where Callie and Arizona get married?
What is Meredith's preferred drink?
Who is Derek's best friend and plastic surgeon?
What is the name of Derek and Meredith's adopted daughter?
Who brought over sick children from Africa?
What did Meredith tell Derek she was when Addison came back?
What is the name of the episode where Meredith falls in the water during the triage disaster?
Whose appendix did the interns take out and almost kill?
What was the name given to George after he almost killed a patient during an appendectomy?

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