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Question:Place NameHints:
What is the name of the once-thriving area around the Western gates of Khazad-Dum, where the rings of power were forged?Destroyed by Sauron in the Second Age
What is the name given to the deforested area in the south-east of Mirkwood?Deforested by the Forest Men
What is the Elvish name given to the River Running?Very important in The Hobbit, less so in LOTR.
What great country lies submerged beyond the Grey Havens?Only a few remnants remain, like Himring.
Where was the rout of Isildur's party where he was killed, and lost the Ring of Power?Also the location of the Stoor's ancestral homeland.
What is the onomatopoeiac name given to the great waterfalls past the Argonath?Boromir's funeral location.
Name the large mountain at the northernmost point of the Misty Mountains, which is the 'capital city' of the goblins.Appears to have three peaks.
What is the name of the great ice bay in Forodwaith?Home of the 'Snowmen'.
Question:Place NameHints:
Name the southern half of Mordor that is capable of supporting agriculture?Includes the bitter salty Sea of Nurnen
Into which sea/lake does the River Running flow into?Far off into the East, with a pleasant forest adjacent.
Name the eastern realms of Gondor, over the Anduin from Osgiliath?Later became the Princedom of Ithilien, with Faramir the first Prince.
What feature separates Buckland from the Old Forest?Really irritated Old Man Willow, this did.
What is the name of the old Capital City of Arnor, on the shores of Lake Evendim?Not to be confused with Fornost or Kings' Norbury.
Name the safe haven used by the Rohirrim that is also the gateway to the Paths of the DeadThe zig-zag path is marked by statues of the Pukel-Men of legend.
What is the name given to the peculiar 'foyer' between the Black Gates and the Isenmouthe of Mordor? Also the name of Morgoth's first fortress in the far north.

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