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Can you name the nations ahead of the all-time Olympic medal-table for each sport?

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Archery23x Gold, 9x Silver, 7x Bronze
Athletics (Track and Field)335x Gold, 259x Silver, 207x Bronze
Badminton18x Gold, 8x Silver, 15x Bronze
Baseball3x Gold, 2x Silver
Basketball23x Gold, 2x Silver, 3x Bronze
Beach Volleyball6x Gold, 2x Silver, 2x Bronze
Boxing50x Gold, 24x Silver, 40x Bronze
Canoeing32x Gold, 18x Silver, 20x Bronze
Cycling41x Gold, 27x Silver, 23x Bronze
Diving49x Gold, 44x Silver, 45x Bronze
Equestrian25x Gold, 13x Silver, 14x Bronze
Field Hockey8x Gold, 1x Silver, 2x Bronze
Fencing49x Gold, 43x Silver, 33x Bronze
Football (Soccer)4x Gold, 2x Silver, 1x Bronze
Golf3x Gold, 3x Silver, 3x Bronze
Gymnastics72x Gold, 67x Silver, 43x Bronze
Handball4x Gold, 1x Silver, 1x Bronze
Judo39x Gold, 19x Silver, 26x Bronze
Modern Pentathlon9x Gold, 8x Silver, 5x Bronze
Rowing33x Gold, 32x Silver, 24x Bronze
Sailing28x Gold, 19x Silver, 11x Bronze
Shooting54x Gold, 29x Silver, 27x Bronze
Softball3x Gold, 1x Silver
Swimming246x Gold, 172x Silver, 135x Bronze
Synchronized Swimming10x Gold
Table Tennis28x Gold, 17x Silver, 8x Bronze
Taekwondo12x Gold, 2x Silver, 5x Bronze
Tennis21x Gold, 6x Silver, 12x Bronze
Triathlon2x Gold, 1x Silver, 2x Bronze
Volleyball (Indoor)7x Gold, 4x Silver, 1x Bronze
Water Polo9x Gold, 3x Silver, 3x Bronze
Weightlifting39x Gold, 21x Silver, 2x Bronze
Wrestling62x Gold, 31x Silver, 23x Bronze

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