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Can you name the Lilo and Stitch trivia? Pretty difficult so good luck.

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Forced Order
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HintAnswerNumber of words
Year Lilo and Stitch was released.1 (number)
Dr. Jumba ____________1
Stitch's blood is what colour?1
Day of the week Lilo feeds Pudge?1
What does Nani first call Cobra Bubbles?2
# of days Nani had to change Cobras mind?1
How many trucks hit Stitch?1
What animal did Lilo first want as a pet?1
How much did stitch cost?2
In which country is Stitch not a name?1
HintAnswerNumber of words
'Endangered species?'1
'He used to be a ___ before he got ran over.'1 (type of dog)
Drink Lilo pit in a bottle for Stitch?1
Disney poster in Nani's bedroom?1
Song Nani sings to Lilo on hammock.2
'Oh good, my dog found the_____!'1
Alien set to retrieve Stitch. 1 (Shark Face)
' _____, Roswell, 1973.'1 ('Ah, yes. You had hair then.')
Alien 'military' organization3 (Hard one)
Ohana means. ______1 (Easy one)

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