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City in Northern Ireland. 1969 outbreak of violence between Protestants and Catholics led to the deployment of 6,000 British troops.This radicalized the issue in Northern Ireland a
1969- 1988; Violence in the UK surrounding the conflict in North Ireland. Fighting between protestant Northern Ireland in the UK and Catholics in Northern Ireland.
President of Sinn Fein and rumored to have past ties to the IRA. Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly. Attempting to distance Sinn Fein from the IRA to be recognized as a more l
Political party in Northern Ireland that shares the goal of the IRA to have Northern Ireland independent from the UK. Leaders of Sinn Fein are accused of also being leaders of the
Leaders of the German Red Army Faction (RAF). Radical leftist group that undertook violent attacks against members of the German government. Hoped to get a Draconian response from
Anti-Radical Decree passed in Germany in 1972 (under Willy Brandt). Anyone that had redical views was banned from civil service and other sectors including teaching. Passed as a re
Italian Prime Minister from 1963-1968 and 1974-1976. President of the Christian Democrats and formed a coalition with the Communist party in 1976. Was kidnapped by Red Brigade in 1
1979, Linked together European currencies to limit the fluctuation in exchange rates to 2.25%. No currency set as the base but the German Budesbank became the center of the system.
Term used for European Union bureaucrats that are far removed from nations that they create policies for.
Removed systematic border controls in nations that joined - physically dismantled border posts between nations that agreed to it to allow the free trade of people and goods. Initia
First major revision to the Treaty of Rome (established the EEC). European nations recognized that the only way to stay economically competitive was to establish a single internal
German politician that served as the Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor in Gerhard Schroder's coalition gov/ cabinet from 1998-2005. Fischer was a member of the Alliance '90/The
Greenpeace ship purchased from the British in the 1970s. Bombed in 1986 by the French Intelligence Agency. The rainbow Warrior was in a New Zealand port and was on its way to prot
Prime Minister of the UK from 1979-1990. most radical response to the issue of the welfare state; lost power when she tried to tackle health care. Very strong figure.
IRA member that led the 1981 hunger strike in prison. Sands and other IRA members agreed to go on hunger strike with the goal of gaining the status as political prisoners. Sands an
Argentina invaded the British controlled Falkland Islands south of Argentina. Argentina refused UN backed diplomatic solutions and in 1982 naval and air battles lasted for around 1
National Union of Mineworkers president. Key member of the 1973 coal strike and led the 1984 coal strike against Margret Thatcher's policies. The 1984 strikes led to work stoppages
Socialist President of France from 1981-1995. Opposed to unification and 'Anglo-Saxon' influence, supported enlarging the European Economic Community and helped write the Maastrich

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