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had been part of Yugoslavia gov but published his book, New Class, and was purged and jailed; in book he said that the new gov was not egalitarian - instead it was just creating a
Communist leader of Albania; did not like Khrushchev policies/ 'thaw'/ de-Stalinization b/c saw this would weaken his own power --> split with SU and aligned with Mao (China) in Si
ictator of Romania; secret police active, wanted to expand population --> fines for not having kids, banned abortion, etc; very hard-line communist; when people began to protest/ d
became ruler of Hungary after 1956 rebellion, was esentially installed by the SU; he ruled Hungary under very strict communism politically but with a liberal economy -->mollified p
communism found in Hungary from 1960s to 1989; represents an alternative to Stalinist/ Khrushchev hard-line communism; it was a mix of hard line communism politically with some fre
Kadar's regime in Hungary; combined stern political repression and Communist control with a liberal economy that was laid out in the New Economic Mechanism = allowed for autonomous
usted Walter Ulbricht from German Chancellor position in 1971, was backed by Khrushchev; hard line communist but allowed more consumer goods into E Germany and also allowed W Berli
won party leadership of Czechoslovakia in 1967 - a party loyalist that believed in promise of socialism and thought that if the party was properly democratized that it would win wi
led the Committee for Defense of Workers in Poland; sponsored underground publications that called for working-class solidarity against the state, formation of free trade unions, m
Czech student who committed suicide during the Prague Spring 1968; he set himself on fire when Soviet and E. bloc troops invaded Prague
following events of the Prague Spring Brezhnev announced that whenever socialism was at risk (either from internal or external forces) that the SU would intervene; parallel Truman
During the 1970s political culture in Europe changed and communism was on the decline across Europe (except in Italy); traditional communism was abandoned and Euro-Communism was a
leader of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in Germany; chancellor of West Germany in 1969 by forming a coalition with the FDP (first time Christian Dems in opposition); Ostpolitik
efers to the easing of tensions between East and West during the 1970s; Willy Brandt's Ostpolitik really paved the way/ helped this
ormalized the division of Europe; guaranteed the protection of human rights and individual freedoms; committed to increasing trade relations - E would get access to W technology an
a division of an American NGO that formed to promote and monitor the Helsinki Accords; focuses especially on promoting civil and political freedoms in E. Europe
mall dissident group in Czechoslovakia; wrote public letters/ essays/ etc bringing public attention to civil rights abuses by the government; eventually gov repressed group, but dr
The island is split between people of Greek descent in the south and Turkish descent in the north. In 1974 the Turkish army invaded northern Cyprus and pushed out Greek residents.
Portuguese Prime Minister from 1932-1968. Anti-Communist and very Catholic. This is known as the Estado Novo period. This period experienced large economic growth, but the governme
Spanish Fascist party that won the Spanish Civil War and placed Franco in power.
King of Spain that was named the successor to Franco. Gained power after Franco's death but began moving the country from a dictatorship to a parliamentary government. Opened up pa
Region in Northern Spain and South-western France. Basque Country in Spain is home to increased nationalism and domestic terrorism. Many Basque identify independently of Spain and
Spanish dictator that took control of the country in 1939 at the end of the Spanish Civil War. Remained neutral during WWII but allowed Spanish troops to volunteer for the German a

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