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leader of the Communist Viet Minh in N Vietnam; declared the establishment of a provisional gov in NV in 1945, creating the Democratic Republic of Vietnam; led Viet Minh against F
F vs. Viet Minh; decisive battle of Vietnam war, 1954; Viet Minh lost a lot of troops but the defeat was huge blow to F morale and VM had defeated a great power in battle = huge tu
revolutionary organization in Algeria issued a manifesto in 1954 declaring its intention to win national sovereignty and get F colonial rule out; launched national insurrection th
commander of the Tenth Paratrooper Division - commander in Algeria, launched an incredibly brutal campaign in Algeria; his tactics divided F - some very troubled by methods being u
diehard settlers and right-wingers in F formed secret underground organization that launched terrorist attacks against Algerians and proindependence Europeans following the indepen
refers to colonists of French Algeria until its independence in 1962; specifically these were F nationalists born in Algeria and had lived there for some time - they did not want s
Egypt's leader; took part in the Non-Aligned Movement (with Yugoslavia and India in 1956); nationalized the Suez canal in 1956; his pet project was building a dam along the Nile fo
a country could request US econ/ military aid if it was being threatened by another state; aimed at provided countries in the Middle East with protection from SU involvement and so
1945 to 1975; Jean Fourastine declared it a 'glorious time for culture and population'; saw economic growth (began in the 40s) and then much bigger growth in GDP and the quality of
1962 council held in which the Church trie to reconstruct itself - this was in response to the changing political, economic and social environment; i.e. one change made - built chu
leader of Nanterre students university protests; wanted reform in university life (i.e. coed dorms) and viewed universities as perpetuating a system that was based on wealth and s
anti-American (they had lost appeal in Vietnam war), believed in a strong executive and increased powers of F President, liberalized trade with the rest of Europe (Treaty of Rome,
the 'architect' of the Holocaust; Germany had never tired him but in 1961 he was captured and tried by Israel where he was convicted; this trial caused a generation of Jews to feel
leader of the SPD; he had been a member of Nazi resistance forces during Third Reich; 1969 became chancellor of Germany and began policy of Ostpolitik - accepting a divided Germany

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