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members of the Cominform = SU, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, France and Italy
during Stalin's purges post the Tito-Stalin split, people were accused and tried for being 'Titoists'
eneral secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist party; he was arrested and tried as part of the Stalin's purges ; he was a Jew too and the focus use of anti-Semitism during his tria
nother anti-US hegemony voice in Europe; left-wing; declared that American had 'rabies' after McCarthyism and the Red Scare in US
French, leading leftist voice; she felt US was invading Europe, propping up ex-collaborators in power, arming G, putting down the Left and workers, and preparing for war against t
state run industry; taking assets from the private sector and putting them under state control/ public ownership = bureaucracy decides production
an art form meant to enhance Stalin's cult of personality; often depicts peasant workers revering Stalin/ his ideas or working; point was to further the goals of communism
taking individual farms and making them state farms so peasants effectively become employees of the state
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance; econ org of the communist states; formed primarily b/c Stalin wanted to enforce Soviet domination in E. Europe and mollify some states that
post WWII wanted to kickstart F econ by starting industry and boosting exports; Monnet Plan created the Commissariat General du Plan (CGP) - took major econ decisions out of gov ha
came to power post WWII with huge majority in Parliament; began the welfare state in B under idea that gov injects self into society with the promise to provide basic human servic
created in B in 1948 by the Labour guaranteed health care to all citizens from cradle to grave
B did not join European Coal and Steel Community; organization of all former B colonies - free association and did deal with soft political issues
United armed forces of Germany, solely under the authority of the Federal Government, divided into military and civil branches
loose agreement orchestrated by Britain with countries that were not part of EEC; trade agreement
had been purged by Stalin and put in jail; 1956 Polish uprising, striking workers demanded that he be returned to power in Poland; accepted position as head of the party in Poland
he became the leader that the people rallied around/ saw as a symbol of de-Stalinization in Hungary; October 1956 Hungary was in revolt as students, intellectuals and factory worke
based in Munich Germany it began as an anti-communist source of information during the Cold War; provided coverage of the Berlin and Poland riots and maybe inspired riots in Hungar
communism found in Hungary from 1960s to 1989; represents an alternative to Stalinist/ Khrushchev hard-line communism and it is a mix, or 'goulash' of communism with some free mark
uled Portugal as PM since 1932 - 1968; anti-communist, strictly Catholic, secret police + gov had strict control over media and crushed trade unions under his regime; neutral durin
came to power in Spain via a coup that appointed him leader in 1936; military uprising that brought him to power --> 3-year civil war but he crushed rebellion and set up fascist di
elected chancellor of WG in 1948; built ties w/F, purused free market econ, willing to rule over a divided Germany in W in exchange would defend WG from SU; his big thing was Westp

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