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Britain's PM during WWII; Iron Curtain Speech
Soviet leader during WWII
A Croation Revolutionary movement/ Insurrection movement; anti-Yugoslav seperatist movement that during WWII was appointed by Hitler to rule in the newly formed Independent state o
Yugoslavia mostly Serbs, Croatians biggest minority; C. sided with Germany b/c saw it as a way to get independence - and they were granted a large independent state that was to be
Germans living in the Soviet Union; they had been invited to the SU prior to WWII b/c they had great technical skills (want to modernize SU) but during WWII SU had its own ethnic c
tried Nazi party leadership (22) 1945-46; pros: trial held, transparent, defined 'crimes against humanity', records kept, 12/22 sentenced
Germany was occupied (US, B, F, and SU zones) and occupiers mandated that all citizens undergo this process; they had to visit concentration camps
Italy, radical and nationalist authoritarian ideology
gov of F from 1940-1944, followed the Third Republic; ruled during Nazi occupations and did have an anti-Semitic campaign; popular in F
leader (PM) of the Vichy regime; declared Vichy regime after Nazi Germany had defeated France
Communist leader of Yugoslavia; during WWII led successful resistance movements to German occupation - ended up with a widely popular party; initially aligned with Stalin, but they
Big 3 (Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill) met in Feb 1945 - last time the 3 would meet; agreed that G would be divided into 4 occupied zones once defeated, UN would be created
Agreement hashed out between Churchill and Stalin in 1944 at Moscow Conference that literally laid out what 'percent' of influence each country ought to have in E. Europe
Churchill's successor, leader of the Labour party; got an absolute majority of 150 in 1945
wanted to get Europe back on its feet so that US could pull out + figured that would be best for international econ + feared that if Euro in disarray that Left and Right wing part
Soviet dominated organization of Communist parties; formed after the Paris Conference on Marshall Aid - intent was to coordinate actions between Communist parties under Soviet dire
US provided aid to B who were supporting a right-backed gov against communist rebels in Greece; Truman claimed that aid needed to be given because this was a fight against communis
currency introduced to US/B zone in 1948; SU responded by introducing own East Mark and cutting all transportation and electricity to West Berlin
1949 following Berlin Airlift F, B and US merged their zones and agreed to pull troops out of WG and let Germany create its own gov; W. Germany did so and they drafted the 'basic l
Sep 1, 1948 elected by the first parliament to be president of W. Germany; he would build ties w/ US, strengthen relations w/ F, free market approach to econ policy, willing to tem

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