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'Diamond Vehicle', allows user to achieve Buddhahood in 1 lifetime, Nonduality
Repetitive saying to focus on during meditation
'Secret Union Tantra'; Images of Buddhas in Wrathful form
Emerges in 6th Century India, are sermons given by Buddha in other worlds, crosses religions lines, spreads in Mahayana first
Discipline involving visualzing oneself as the meditating Buddha to reveal nonduality.
Concentric diagram of the world or universe which serves as a sacred space for the meditator. After it is complete it is destroyed to reveal the impermanence of the world.
Not Monastic, have magical abilities, perfect tantric yoga. Don't follow standard Buddhist morality
742-798, 1st real Buddhist King of Tibet, invites Shantarksita (indian abbot) and Padmasambhava
Built on model of Vairocana Mandala, hosted debates in 790-792 between Indian and Chinese Buddhists over Gradual vs. Sudden Enlightenment practice.
Powerful Siddha, Fights demons in Tibet who were trying to stop Monastery construction, converts the demons and brings them into Buddhism to protect it.
Claims to be the pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet but is indistinguishable from Nyingma. Founded by Tonpa Shenrab (possibly Persian), claim historical Buddhism is based on his teachi
Founded by Padmasambhava, he teaches a small group Tantra, but Tibet falls into Dark Ages. Nyingma survives and teachings are passed from Master to Apprentice, claim Pad hid secret
In Nyingma and Bon, Dzogchen, Pinnacle of all Tantras, rejects visualization to return mind to direct experience of spontaneous, luminous, purity
ead to dying to help consciousness navigate intermediary state (Bardo), the true nature of the mind appears at death.
Indonesian born moves to India to be an Abbot. Goes to Tibet (heralded as important, but may not have been). Atisha was appalled by Dark Age Tantric Practices, disliked Union and '
Teaching Lineage School, claims to have Indian Roots (Atisha), Naropa and Tilopa are involved in foundation (Naropa taught by Tilopa).
Credited with founding Kagyu. Goes to Tilopa (Fish Gut eater) for instruction in Tantra (Had visions of Tantric Goddesses and other Buddhas). Naropa is Tantrically Hazed by Tilopa
1012-1096, Studies under Naropa in India, goes to India with inheritance and meets Tantric Masters, Founds Kagyu school and offers teaching for Gold.
1040-1123, Becomes Marpa's best student, former Black Magic practitioner, tries to avenge family by killing people, wants to learn Buddhism for repentance
Kunga Nyingpo is a student of Drokmi's student and learns both halves, founds Sakya and sets up leadership from Uncle to Nephew.
1181-1251, studied with Indians in Tibet, critical of Kagyu, forms Sakya Philosophical Study. Converts Mongols to Buddhism, surrenders Tibet to them but is awarded leadership of Ti
'Way of Virtue' School, founded by Tsong Khapa, centered in Ganden Monastery (Meant to be remote), Sera and Drepung are built by followers near Lhasa, focus on monasticism (15-25 y
Meets with Manjushri who explains emptiness and gives him Nagarjuna's book. Wants to reform Tibet because Tantra works but needs prep to practice properly. Monks must follow vows,
'Oceans of Wisdom', the first is TsK's Nephew, 3rd is given the title by Mongols, claims he is an incarnation of the nephew and an Emanation of Avalokiteshvara. 5th built Potala Pa
Studied in India, went to China claiming to be 28th master of Mind of Enlightenment, meets emperor WU and crosses the Yangze on a Reed. Trains Monks at Shaolin Temple in Kung-fu
Hongren 5th Patriarch of Chan (Zen) school needs to find a successor so he holds a poetry contest to decide. Shenxiu is favored
6th Patriarch, is an illiterate farmer but writes a better verse, and is made the final Patriarch.
d.867, both a man and a School. Emphasis on Koans. Linji studies under Huangbo (Hitting story) and realizes there is no set process for enlightenment under Dayu
'Public Records' Unanswerable questions to meditate on.
Main Competitor to Linji, founded by Dongshan (807-869) and Caoshan (840-901), Silent Illumination --> no path to enlightenment, sit and meditate in silence to illuminate Buddha Na
Eisai (1141-1215) Brought Linji from China to Japan, has approval of his Chinese Master. Many others claim to be Zen but aren't but he is. Emphasis on avoiding Pseudo-Zen, sitting
(1686-1769) Father of Modern Rinzai, revived Koan Practice 'What is the Sound of 1 Hand Clapping?' oan Practice involves intense retreats with little sleep, when breaking point is
Caodong School in Japan, Dogen founds after studying in China under a Caodong master. Mishears saying as 'Dropping away Body and Mind' and teaches 'Just-sitting'
1200-1253, traveled to China to study Caodong, wonders why Patriarchs of past had to strive so hard if we are all Buddhas.
1870-1966, Lay Student of Rinzai Zen, learns English and goes to the World Parliament on Religions in 1893, Learns from Unitarians, supports Japanese Militarism.
1904-1971, Soto Zen Temple Priest, offered 2 Congregations at SanFran Zen Center, 1 for Meditating Hippies and 1 for Pseudo-Christian Immigrants.
Russian Born, came to US in 1958 and founded a Monastery in NJ, taught many Westerners and taught Tibetan Buddhists English to serve american Buddhist popultion.
Founded 1st Monastery in West in Scotland, after a car accident became a lay teacher and slept with students, dressed in lay clothes and angered many of them.
on-profit Massachusetts Buddhist organization founded by Westerners in the Theravada tradition, offer retreats and meditation courses.
Vietnamese Zen Monk, popular in west, founded several western monasteries, teaches, writes books, and is a social activist.

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