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'Let the eyes of Midgard turn fore'er upward to a new dawn! Let their vision be fore'er influenced -- graced -- and filled with aspiration -- by the glory and eternal richness of A
'Today, I make no demands... no threats! But, one day, I shall voice demands -- and all shall obey them! '
'I'm loyal to nothing...except the Dream.'
'You don't @#$^ with Luke Cage.'
'As I was about to say... 'telekinesis' means mind over matter.'
'I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn't very nice.'
'I made Harry...and I can do any damn thing to him I want'
'You're more than my friend, Charles. You're my brother. I have no one else to turn to. No one I dare trust. '
'I want to know everything there is to know about Spider-Man. I'm telling you -- I smell it! This is our new O.J.'
'I'm alone -- the millionaire 'man who has everything' is missing one all-important item -- a friend.'
'With great power, there must also come great responsibility. '
'... You won't like me when I'm angry! '
'Santayana, sugah. 'Those that forget the past are condemned to repeat it.' Ah'm an X-Man, Vargas. Like my teammates b'fore me. An' Ah'll stay one 'til the end.'
'I've been from the future to the past and back again...but I've run out of time '
'Shhh. My common sense is tingling.'
'It's clobberin' time!'
'No. Mischief is a small thing, a toy I've well used and discarded. This isn't mischief. This is mayhem. Just watch.'
'What is it? Another autograph? Ahh well ... the price of fame...'
'The greatest power on Earth is the magnificent power we all of us possess... the power of the human brain!'
'Where's my money, honey?'
'May the Vishanti watch over thee!'
'I sort of accidentally blasted him in the crotch. Seven times in the crotch.'
'I'm strictly a bow and arrow type.'
'I love Jean...and I'll smash anyone...anything...that would keep me from her! '
'Face it Tiger...you just hit the jackpot!'
'If you want someone to obey your orders, you should have sent a soldier...NOT A GOD!'
'What is this mad obsession with freedom?'
'The Void. He's here now. And there's nothing you can do to stop it.'

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