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Can you name the Long Island Town By Ridiculous Clue?

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Mountain Pass; Download
The Wealthier Middle
Tiny Riiiiicccc...
The Entire Stream
The Guy Took It
Wooden Wall Panels
Used, Batman Actor, Bush Fruit
Easy Sight
A Pencil Tip from China
Romeo's Pre-Juliet Crush
Ocean, F150 Brand
Beauty's Rip
Flowered Stop
Tall Tree, A Rescue Ranger
A Hideaway named for Quagmire
Sharon [Blank] and Senora Shields (in Spanish)
Chinese Sword Person from Georgia
Plowing Town
Ship Left; Martha and George
An Ancient Meadow
Ocular, Trip and Fall
Put a Prostitute in Your Pocket
'Will Do' Honey Glazed
Hairless Victory
Salutations Sanctuary
Sliced Ham
Sad, Argument
Private Detective's OC Reality Show
Sail Supporter, Small Insect
Jamaican Guy Language
Infant, Cambodian General: Nol
Sew a Pig
Captain John's Village
Responsibility Sharing Big Rig
Middle Toothbrush Brand
Famous Benjamin's Polygon
Cargo Hold, Dessert Wine

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