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What is the the name of the constructive/divergent plate boundary forming in Africa?
Name the smallest tectonic plate
What is the process whereby plates are destroyed called?
What sea was created by the break up of pangea?
What sea surronded pangea?
What created the hawaiian islands?
On which Tectonic plate is Britain?
What is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?
What type of mountains are formed when two plates collide? e.g. Himalayas
What was the first super continent called?
Name the upper layer of the crust
Name the lower part of the Crust
what is created when two oceanic plates collide? Japan is a good example
Name the largest tectonic plate
What two continents did pangea break up into?
Why do tectonic plates move?
What type of tectonic plate is denser?
How many tectonic plates are there?
Who initially had the theory of plate tectonics?
What type of plate boundary is the san andreas fault?

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