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Can you name the almost completely unrelated four letter words in this ladder?

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Front part of a person's head1
A thing that is not genuine2
What is paid by a bus rider3
To feel interest or concern4
To trim off an outside, excess or irregular portion5
One of several or many equal units6
Hilarious expulsion of gas7
Market for buying and selling8
The red planet, closest to earth9
Counters at which food or alcoholic beverages are served10
Prohibitions by legal means11
Cylindrical receptacles often holding liquids12
Broad shallow container for cooking use13
Gets darker by exposure to sun14
Large, heavily armed ground-based war machine15
Place where money is stored and invested16
Country music legend ____ Williams17
Body part that #17 used to play his instrument18
Stick or rod with magical properties19
Decrease in vigor, power, or become weaker20
(UK) Slang, to masturbate21
Close and open one eye quickly22
Color between red and white23
Go below the surface, submerge in liquid24
Past participle of #2425
In basketball, to score by shooting the ball through the basket when one's hands are above the rim26
Style of popular music based on blues and soul featuring strong rhythm and beat27
To provide money for a particular purpose28
To recognize or discover29
A person's intellect, what enables them to be aware of the world30

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