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Can you name the contestant that fits the description.

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First boot

This contestant lied about a dead grandma

This contestant made it to the merge, but did not become part of the jury

This contestant was voted off twice

This contestant threw all the fish away that Rupert had caught

This contestant was blamed instead of the person who actually threw the fish away

This contestant was the first contestant to ever quit

This contestant was voted off after losing the outcast twist challenge

This contestant made an alliance with Lill at the start of the game

This contestant was the first person voted out of the Drake tribe

This contestant was 'kidnapped'

This contestant was the only person to vote for Lill to win

This contestant had a tight alliance with Rupert and Sandra

This contestant was the last player to join the outcasts

This contestant took the Morgan tribe's shoes and sold them in the village

This contestant was the last man in the game

The outcast who made it the farthest in the game

This contestant was nicknamed Ryno

This contestant was the woman who won the most challenges postmerge

This contestant was considered the leader of the Morgan tribe

Overall, these contestants had five votes cast against them

This contestant kept a pet snake named Balboa

These contestants were the second people voted out of their tribes

This contestant had no problem drinking the disgusting smoothies in the smoothy challenge

This contestant was not featured in the Final Rights of Passage

This contestant was sent home because Lill told Tijuana that this contestant was voting for her

This contestant had a pet pelican during the show

This contestant got 4th place



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