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First boot

This contestant was the first person to find a Hidden Immunity Idol on Exile Island in Micronesia

This contestant was described as a 'Ball of Goo'

This contestant found a stick and thought it was an idol

Ozzy called this contestant 'Troy'

This contestant was the first person pulled because of injury in the season

This contestant was the second person pulled because of injury in the season

At the Survivor Auction, Erik licked this contestant's fingers

This contestant called Parvati 'Poverty' by mistake

This contestant's first season was Fiji

This contestant found an idol but didn't keep it

This contestant was voted off Day 6

This contestant was described as a wide eyed kid in a candy shop

This contestant quit on day 19

This contestant formed a tight alliance with Parvati and Cirie

This contestant told Kathy to vote Mary

This contestant formed alliance with Mary

These contestants' first season was Vanuatu

This contestant convinced Ozzy, Amanda, and Ami to vote off Joel instead of herself or Chet

This contestant tried to play a fake idol

This contestant was the last Fan in the game

This contestant was voted off when Amanda played a Hidden Immunity Idol

This contestant was voted off right before the merge

This contestant was Joel's least favorite tribe member

This contestant returned in Survivor Caramoan, season 26

These contestants had idols when they were voted out

This contestant voted for Ozzy while everyone else voted for this person

This contestant got fourth place in Panama and improved to third place in Micronesia



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