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First boot
This contestant won the loved ones challenge
This contestant, besides Ozzy, was the only contestant to win individual immunity
This contestant thought he had a romantic connection with Candice
This contestant came up with 'Plan Voodoo'
This contestant on the Caucasian tribe was the only one to be voted off before the Merge
This contestant was the first person voted out after the tribe swap
These two contestants mutinied against their tribe
This contestant was the first member of the jury
This contestant lost the fire making challenge
When the Raro tribe opened the mystery bottle after Rebecca was voted off, this contestant was the second person voted out in that tribal council
This contestant was voted out after they spilled octopus
These two contestants made it to the finals and voted with the majority every single tribal
This contestant was kidnapped by the Aitutaki tribe
This contestant flipped alliances multiple times
This contestant would become a winner in a different season
This contestant's torch snuffed was the first blindside of the season
This contestant made a close alliance with Sundra at the beginning of the season
This contestant was the most exiled in this season
This season's first two boots were men. Who was the first woman to be booted?
This contestant healed Brad and Jenny's headaches by touching their foreheads
This contestant from the African tribe made it the farthest
This contestant from the Caucasian tribe made it the farthest
This contestant from the Hispanic tribe made it the farthest
This contestant accidentally let a chicken loose
This contestant called Jonathan a 'Skinky, Skanky, Wack Fruitcake'
This contestant was voted off because of a comment about mashed potatoes
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