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Can you tell whether or not each pair of returnee Survivor contestants played in a season together? Type Y for yes. and N for no.

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Pair of SurvivorsAnswer
Stephenie LaGrossa and
Corinne Kaplan
Sugar Kiper and
Malcolm Freberg
Erik Reichenbach and
Yau Man Chan
Troyzan Robertson and
Monica Culpepper
Tina Wesson and
Kimmi Kappenberg
Colby Donaldson and
Tyson Apostol
Jonathan Penner and
Jerri Manthey
Michael Skupin and
Abi Maria Gomes
Sandra Diaz-Twine and
Andrew Savage
Ciera Eastin and
Cirie Fields
Pair of SurvivorsAnswer
Brandon Hantz and
Colton Cumbie
Spencer Bledsoe and
Andrea Boehlke
Rob Mariano and
Ozzy Lusth
Rupert Boneham and
Vytas Baskauskas
Stephen Fishbach and
Sierra Dawn Thomas
Courtney Yates and
Peih Gee Law
Sarah Lacina and
Kat Edorsson
Phillip Sheppard and
Russell Hantz
James Clement and
Aras Baskauskas
Amber Brkich and
Gervase Peterson

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