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First boot

This contestant was the only contestant to return from Survivor: Thailand

This contestant's son won the loved ones challenge

This contestant was voted off right before the merge

This contestant quit the game because her mother had cancer

This contestant was the first person voted out of the Chapera tribe

This contestant was the cause of the Saboga tribe's shelter to get flooded

Even though this contestant didn't win the reward challenge, they still got a car
When the Chapera tribe won the reward to go on the cruise ship, this contestant was chosen to go along with them

This contestant was the last original Mogo Mogo member
After the Saboga tribe was dispersed, this contestant was the last member of Saboga in the game

This contestant was 'Bamboozled' when he got voted off
This contestant made a deal with Boston Rob that if this contestant didn't vote off Amber, Rob would keep him in the game

This contestant was the first Chapera jury member

This contestant was the last former winner to stay in the All Stars

This contestant was the main provider for Saboga before it was dissolved

This contestant injured their leg and was voted off afterwards

This contestant quit on day 17
This contestant was the only contestant to be on three different tribes throughout the season who did not make it to the Merge

This contestant was the main provider for Mogo Mogo

First member of the Jury
In the final five, this contestant had to choose to go with either Rob and Amber or Rupert and Jenna, but was voted off instead

This contestant won the fan favorite vote
This contestant tried to create an alliance with Ethan because this contestant knew that, being a winner, they would be targeted

This contestant was the only Mogo Mogo member to vote for Rob to be the Sol Survivor

This contestant won the Car Challenge

This contestant was the third wheel in Rob and Amber's alliance, after the merge

This contestant was the oldest All Star


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