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Can you pick which America's Got Talent judge 2014 fits the description?

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This judge kissed a pig
This judge was the only judge to vote no to One Voice Children's Choir in auditions
This judge buzzed their golden buzzer for Dustin's Dojo
This judge was the only judge to say yes to Mad Jack
Howie threw a fake birthday party for this judge
This judge became part of the Bald Man Bongos on stage
Emily West's biggest fan
This judge claims that a selfie with multiple people is called an 'Ussie'
This judge pulled out the buzzers to charge their phone
The Magical Voice Doctor gave this judge voice lessons
The Psychic Divas said that this judge was going to have a baby
At Arlo Pelegrin's audition, this judge was the only judge to hold one of Arlo's tarantulas
David and Leeman made this judge forget how to read the judge's own name
This judge was the only judge to vote no to Juan Carlos in auditions
Rogue the staple gun magician made this judge staple his head with a staple gun for part of his act
This judge rested their head on the judging panel because of boredom, and Mileece, the plant instrumentalist said, 'I've killed ________'
This judge said no to Darik Santos in auditions
This judge visited Hart Dance Team and told them they would move on to the live rounds
This judge visited Dom the Bom's Triple Threat and told them that they would be moving on to the live show
This judge says that Howie wears jeggings
This judge was the only judge to buzz an act in the first live rounds
This judge wore a wig for part of an episode
This judge was Mike Super's first volunteer (the breaking the vase act in auditions)
Howard and which judge slow danced during Donnie Valentine's audition
During Arlo Pelegrin's audition, this judge ran behind Nick Cannon because they were afraid of Arlo's tarantulas

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